Teasing My Maintenance Guy

One day a while back, my AC decided to break down on me during one of the hottest and most humid day of the summer. I called my building manager to ask them if they could send one of the maintenance guys to come fix it. My building manager told me they could get someone but it would take a few hours since they were busy, which left me sweating in my apartment until my AC got fixed.

A few hours later, I figured the maintenance guy should be showing up soon, so at first I thought I would get changed into something a bit more appropriate. Since it was so hot I didn't have much clothes on. All I was wearing was really small pajama shorts, and a thin white tank top which was practically see-through. At that point, I had one of my usually naught ideas pop into my head and decided to stay in what I was wearing.

A little later, I hear a knock on my door and when I open the door I see a bigger, older guy, probably in his forties or fifties. He gives me a quick look over from head to toe and I can see his eyes get wide and stop around my breasts since it's kind of visible through my tank top. I ask him if he's here to fix my AC, which kind of snaps him out of his trance and acknowledge that he got the order from the office to come check it out.

So I lead him to my living room and point to my AC and he walks over and starts to look at it. Meanwhile I lay on my couch, putting my feet up on my coffee table so he can get a look my long legs and ask if it looks like he get it fixed today. When he looks over to look at me to answer, he kind of does a double take at me looking a bit stunned. He tells me he should be able to get it done, but he might need to work on it for a little while. I decided I had my fun teasing him, and I can tell that I was making him nervous and I wanted my AC fixed, so I left him to work on the AC while I decided to take a shower since I felt a bit gross from sweating through my clothes.

When I finished, I think to myself to have a little more fun with the maintenance guy by pretending I needed a towel. I call out to the guy from the bathroom and ask him to bring me a towel from the hallway closet. I crack open the bathroom door just enough to give him a partial view of my backside through my bathroom mirror and as he hands me the towel and can tell he's sporting a major ***** through his pants. I smile and close the door.

As I dry myself off, I notice he gave me one of the smaller towels. I wrap myself in it and it is barely covering my goods. I walk into the living room still wrapped in just the towel and him how it was going with the AC. He gets a view of me in the towel and again his eyes are as wide as they can be and I can tell he's sporting some wood in his pants. He manages to mumble that he's finished and turns on AC. I go to stand in front of the vent to test it out and it feels cold and great. Then I open my towel from the front, to let the air flow to my naked front side while still holding the towel to cover me from behind and let him know it feels great. I close my towel back up and turn around to thank him. He's sweating, which I'm not sure if it's from the heat or if I'm the one who's making him sweat. (I like to think it's the latter). I give him a kiss on the cheek to thank him again, which puts a big smile on his face and also blush bright red. Then I close the door behind him as he leaves and throw my towel to the side to enjoy the nice breeze from my AC. ;)
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You are awesome!!

i love teasing stories and girls - hot

Such a beautiful story

Great story. You really suit your site-name.


Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Is there anything I can fix for you in your house?? I would love to do that for free

next time you tease and deny him...maybe get him real close then stop....give him something to think about t he rest of the day...haha

loool . if i were him i would **** you till you say enough

Fun, adventurous time. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Again respect from an older guy!

as a old guy i thank you

the kiss on the cheek was sweet...the tease was mean. and fantastic haha

So kind.

Ha! So naughty! Someone should spank you

Great story. Makes me wish I had maintenance issues.

Your such a naughty tease, that poor guy probably had to go relieve himself somewhere.

wow :) nice :) lucky guy.... I wish I could experience something like that... but not ending like that ;) :D