New Years Eve Party

We had a great New Years Eve celebration. I had been away visiting family for over a week and it had been more than two weeks since I’d seen Ray. It was definitely fun to be reunited with my boyfriend again.

We went to a party hosted by one of Ray’s bachelor co-workers named Ted. Ted wisely had a rule that everybody had to surrender their car keys upon entering the party. Ted would then decide if the guest was capable of driving when it came time for them to leave. Anybody still partying at 1:00am would be required to spend the night. That seemed like a pretty wise policy, except that Ted was getting drunk too so his decision making ability became impaired. Luckily there were no driving mishaps and everybody arrived home safely that night or the next morning.

We, and many others, knew in advance that we would be partying well past 1:00 so we came prepared to spend the night. Being a bachelor, Ted’s house was sparsely furnished. The master bedroom was furnished but the other two bed rooms were totally empty of furniture so we had bring our own sleeping gear. Upon arriving at the party we deposited our sleeping bags, pillows, and over night bag in one of the barren guest rooms. In hindsight it would have been wise for us to prepare our sleeping space in advance, but we were eager to join the party so we merely dropped our things off and started drinking.

I had met a few of Ray’s friends but most of the attendees at the party were total strangers to me. However the alcohol loosened me up so I had a good time socializing. Shared some really great kisses/making out with Ray at midnight too.

The crowd thinned a little by 1:00 but not by much. I did notice a few people leaving after that. They must have found where Ted stashed the keys or they brought a spare set of keys.

We celebrated late into the morning and were among the last people still awake when the party wound down. Our host and a few of his neighbors were the last ones to call it a night. When we retired to the guest room we found it littered with bodies scattered about the room. We carefully stepped over the sleeping people as we searched for our gear. The room was dark except for the indirect light coming from the hallway so it was a bit challenging to locate our belongings. After we retrieved our stuff we returned to the open doorway to take advantage of the light in the hallway. I then proceeded to change into my sleepwear as casually as if I had been in the privacy of my own home. I’m sure most of the people in the room were asleep, but there might have been a few that were still awake. During the search for our gear we had accidentally nudged and stumbled over a few people so there was a good chance we might have awakened somebody.

I was wearing a short sweater dress, leggings, and knee boots. I removed my boots then pulled the dress off over my head to reveal my naked upper body since I wasn’t wearing a bra. I had intended to immediately put on my sleep shirt but I hesitated for a moment as I decided to enjoy some risqué behavior. Ray and I hadn’t been together for seventeen days so I was extremely horny as well as very drunk. Rather than getting undressed and dressed in stages I remained topless and proceeded to remove my leggings. While standing in the lighted doorway I was clearly visible to anybody in the bedroom who might be awake. I was also visible from the hallway so I was taking the risk of being seen by our host if he exited his bedroom to go to the bathroom. I was enjoying the thrill of potential discovery so took my time to get re-dressed. Wearing only my g-string panties I squatted down and reached into my over night bag. I had packed my sleep shirt right on top but I dug around in the bag as if looking for the garment just so I could delay covering up. I finally pulled the sleep shirt from the bag and stood up. I delayed getting dressed a little longer as I took several seconds to shake the garment out and make sure I was holding it correctly so as not to put it on backwards. I glanced at Ray and noticed a devilish smile on his face. It was clear that he knew me well enough to understand that I was delaying getting dressed in order to enjoy the risk of being seen nearly naked. He yanked the sleep shirt from my hands and tossed it aside, then pulled me tightly into his arms as he said “You won’t be needing that.” I melted into his arms as our lips came together for a long passionate kiss. I hadn’t expected Ray to extend the length of my exposure in the doorway but I certainly welcomed it.

We made out for a short period of time before I suggested “We should finish this in bed.” Technically we didn’t have a bed but he knew I meant we should get into our sleeping bags. Had everybody sleeping in the room been lined up neatly there would have been plenty of room for us. But during our search for our stuff we discovered that everybody was scattered about in different directions which left no room for us to spread out our sleeping bags. We grabbed our sleeping bags and headed for the other guest room only to find the door locked. It’s possible that the room was full and the occupants had locked the door to prevent people from stumbling over them in the dark (as we had done in room #1.) Or a couple might have selfishly secured the room for some privacy. In either case it was clear that neither of the two guest rooms would accommodate us. We decided to go downstairs to sleep in the living room.

I was drunk enough to realize that it might be fun to leave my clothes behind and put myself in the predicament of waking up naked with no clothes close by to put on. But I wasn’t crazy enough to succumb entirely to my exhibitionist whims. To Ray’s dismay I threw on my sleep shirt before making the trek downstairs.

Luckily the Xmas lights were still on downstairs which provided enough light for us to access the situation. There was no Xmas tree but there were strings of colored lights strung along the walls throughout the combination living/dining room. We discovered several guys sleeping or passed out the living room. They were all fully clothed with no blankets or sleeping bags. We moved on to the dining room where there was plenty of unoccupied floor space. The living and dining rooms were separated only by a couch that was positioned to provide a defining line between the rooms. We rolled out our sleeping bags behind the couch where we were out of view.

Originally we intended to totally unzip our sleeping bags then zip them up together. However in the limited light and with our manual dexterity hindered by our intoxication the task proved more difficult than expected. I think our mutual horniness also contributed to our lack of patience for the endeavor. We ended up laying one open sleeping bag on the floor as a mattress and covering up with the other open sleeping bag. Within seconds of crawling under the sleeping bag Ray had me ******** naked. We resumed making out as our hands roamed all over each other’s bodies. We were both pretty horny, but Ray was cautious about getting caught in the act in case anybody was still awake. That was fine with me because it resulted in some very extensive foreplay. He caressed every inch of my torso before teasing my lips extensively. I was so hot and wet by the time he eased his fingers inside of me that I began humping his digits as he finger ****** me. I was stroking his hard **** through his underwear until he moved to put it out of my reach. He continued to finger my ***** as he lowered his lips to my nipples. He kissed and tongued my nips for a while before lowering his head to plant kisses all over my belly and pelvis. As he moved lower on my body the sleeping bag moved with him resulting in me being completely uncovered by the time his tongue flicked over my slit. When his tongue penetrated my slit to find my **** it sent me over the edge and I began to *** with tremendous force. I tried to keep silent but involuntary gasps and whimpers were escaping my lips. I wasn’t loud enough to wake anybody, but if anybody on the first floor of the house had already been awake they would have definitely heard me.

The continuous ****** was a bit overwhelming for me so I had to push Ray’s face away from my crotch. That did little to slow him down as he simply hooked his arms under my knees to push my legs up over my head as he crawled on top of me. He fumbled around a little while trying to find the right angle to enter me, but when his hard **** finally slid into my soaking wet ***** I moaned with pleasure. He proceeded to slide his tool all the way in and out of me in a slow steady rhythm. After our moderately long absence from each other the feel of him inside of me was extremely gratifying. It occurred to me that in this position I would be helpless to conceal my nudity if we were discovered. That feeling of vulnerability seemed to heightened the sensuality of our actions. The slow sensuous ******* also caused my ******* to continue to flow through me in never ending waves. I was so engulfed in pleasure that I became a bit delirious from the overload to my senses. I was aware of nothing other than the intense pleasure that was rocking my soul. It seemed like an eternity before Ray began repeatedly ramming his **** deep inside of me then slowly withdrawing it. I must have been becoming a bit vocal at this point because he cupped one hand firmly over my mouth to muffle my squeals. Through eyes blurry with tears of bliss I gazed up at my lover with a sense of complete submission. Being doubled over and silenced by his hand I was physically incapacitated, while my intense never ending ******* held me captive both physically and emotionally. When Ray flooded my ***** with his *** it barely registered in my mind that in our lustful haste we had failed to use a condom. At that point it didn’t matter as I was barely conscious of anything except the euphoric pleasure that consumed me.

I remember exchanging soft kisses as my ******* subsided, but other than that I don’t recall much about the afterglow. I think I was so physically drained that I must have quickly fallen asleep.

In the two months that we have dated our sex lives have sometimes been good, sometimes just OK, but on this occasion it was incredibly satisfying in every aspect. It was great to know that we could generate such a high level of passion.

I awoke later that morning to the sound of voices coming from the kitchen. Apparently some early risers (it was late morning) had gathered in the kitchen to resume drinking. Through the doorway I could see only one guy leaning up against the counter. I immediately seized the opportunity to start the new year off by having some fun. My backside was cuddled up against Ray in a spooning position. I very casually rolled over to face my lover as if I was moving in my sleep. During the maneuver I intentionally caused our covering to move with me leaving my bare backside sticking out from under our sleeping bag. It didn’t take long before I heard a male voice exclaim “Holy ****!” Then in a slightly more subdued voice say “Check it out.” I heard the scuffling of feet then the snickers and voices of several guys as they viewed my seemingly innocent exposure. I couldn’t see their reaction to my nudity, but I got a thrill from hearing them. They spoke in soft voices so as not to wake me so I couldn’t hear everything they said. However the few comments I could make out combined with the joyful tone of their voices was enough to give me a thrill. I remained on exhibit for only a minute or two before I heard a female voice exclaim “You dogs are disgusting.” I then felt her adjusting the sleeping bag to fully cover me as she continued to chastise the voyeurs. I was only mildly disappointed my exposure was coming to an end because I was getting cold.

I drifted off to sleep again and later awoke to soft kisses from Ray. We cuddled and exchanged a few more kisses before surveying our surroundings. It was late morning and apparently we were among the last to rise from our slumber. Many of the over night guests had already departed but there were still a few lingering about. There were a few male and female voices coming from elsewhere in the house but the only people visible to us were three guys sitting at the dining room table. Their location appeared odd as they seemed to be declining to socialize with the other remaining guests, and there was more comfortable furniture in the living room. With all three guys in a position facing us it was clear to me that they were aware that I was naked under the sleeping bag and they were lurking about in the hope of glimpsing some more nudity. I giggled to myself as they appeared to be vultures circling their prey.

We were in a bit of a compromising situation to be in the open room and undressed under our covering. Ray assumed the manly protector role and offered to retrieve my clothes for me. Ray was in his underwear but was more modest than me. He didn’t want any of the girls to walk in and catch him in his tighty whities. He grabbed his jeans and pulled them under the sleeping bag where he proceeded to put on the garment. It was awkward for him to put on the jeans under the covers which resulted in him kicking his legs about a bit as he tried to feed them into the jeans. The result was that he started to pull the sleeping bag off of me. I lay on my back and clutched the covering to my neck, but his thrashing about caused the sleeping bag to be pulled away from my lower body. In this situation I preferred innocent “accidental” nudity rather than blatant exposure so I reached one hand down to grasp the sleeping bag against my crotch. I was a bit late it securing the covering to my lower body so one entire leg and hip became exposed. The vultures at the table seemed to be titillated by the teasing revealing of excessive skin even if I wasn’t showing any private parts. When Ray finally got his jeans on and stood up I quickly covered up in fake modesty.

While Ray went upstairs to retrieve my clothes I had some fun teasing the guys at the table. I clutched the sleeping bag to my chest and sat up, leaving my back and the top of my *** exposed. I pretended to be ditzy and casually unaware of my minor exposure as I looked from side to side in search of my sleep shirt. It was amusing to see the three guys all shift position in order to get a better view of me from behind. I clutched the sleeping bag to my chest with one arm and retrieved my sleep shirt with the other. I then tucked the sleeping bag between my arms and my sides to hold it in place as I shook out the shirt in preparation to put it on. I gathered the shirt up and pulled it over my head so it hung from my neck, then reached one arm inside of the garment. When I raised my arm to stretch it through the arm of the shirt the sleeping bag fell away from my side to briefly flash one ***. I pulled the shirt down over my chest and managed to get the other arm into the garment without any further exposure. While retrieving, straightening, and putting on the shirt my *** had been partially exposed for a full minute or more. I pulled the shirt down to my waist then lay down and arched my back as I tried to pull the shirt down lower. I struggled with the process a little and finally gave up on getting the shirt all the way down to my thighs while under the sleeping bag. I clutched the front of the shirt over my crotch, then rolled onto my side where I was able to tuck my legs up under me and rise up onto my knees. From that position I was able to pull the shirt all the way down over my hips. I managed to perform the maneuver without any further exposure. It was amusing to see the disappointment on the guys’ faces as they were hoping to catch a glimpse of my *****. I didn’t let them stay disappointed for very long.

It seemed to be taking Ray longer to return with my clothes than I expected but that was fine with me because it gave me more time to tease the guys. I didn’t know it at the time but apparently the night before when I undressed I had just tossed my clothes on the floor. In the morning when the people in that room got up and started moving about my clothes ended up getting scattered about. Hence it took Ray a while to locate and collect my clothing. While waiting for Ray’s return I continued my teasing performance. While in a kneeling position on the floor I spread out one of our sleeping bags to roll it up. While leaning forward and reaching out to straighten, fold, and zip up the sleeping bag my shirt rode up in back to reveal the bottom of my *** and probably my ***** lips from behind. Once again the guys shifted position to get the best view of my exposed parts. I pretended to be oblivious to my exposure as I folded the bag over and took my time to carefully roll it up. A girl walked into the room and loudly exclaimed “Oh my god! Her puss….” In unison the guys urgently shushed her. I was embarrassed that a girl had caught me exposing myself to the guys but I kept up the pretense of being unaware of my partial nudity. It turned out the girl wasn’t as kind and sisterly as the other girl who had earlier covered me up. She didn’t alert me to how exposed I was and I heard her giggle as she whispered to the guys “Oh god, she’s clueless.” What a stroke of good luck. The strange girl wasn’t going to protect me and she allowed the guys to have their fun watching me. I guess I was doing a good job of acting because the girl believed I was a drunken or hung-over ditz who was unaware of what I was showing. Though she didn’t seem to be turned on by my exposure she definitely found it amusing as she giggled almost constantly while she whispered comments to the guys.

The girl’s comments made it obvious to me that my ***** was on display from behind. Not only was it on display but my kitty and inner thighs bore a flakey crust of dried ***. It was clear to the voyeurs that I had been sexually active the night before. Displaying the crust of dried *** on my crotch made me feel like a dirty **** and I relished every second of it.

I tied the strings of the sleeping bag together then rolled it aside as I turned my attention to the second sleeping bag. When I straightened out the second sleeping bag I discovered my panties in the folds of the bag. I pretended not to notice the panties and rolled them up in the bag. I rolled up the second bag in the same manner as the first which allowed me to keep my lower backside on display to my small audience.

When Ray finally returned with my clothes he was surprised to find me already half dressed. There was no place on the first floor to get dressed in private and it seemed silly to take my things back upstairs after Ray had just brought them down to me. I proceeded to get dressed right there in front of my audience. I sat down on one of the dining room chairs and pulled my leggings up over one foot then the other. While performing that maneuver it was natural to spread my legs some and display my ***** very briefly. Ray was involved in a conversation and didn’t even notice I was flashing, but the others who had been watching me had their eyes glued on me. I stood up and pulled the leggings up under my sleep shirt to end the show. Rather than change into my sweater dress I just kept the sleep shirt on and pulled on my boots.

We hung around briefly just to be sociable. Some of the guests lamented that our bachelor host had failed to provide breakfast. Ray then offered the information that I had cooked him breakfast in the nude a few times. One of the guys jokingly exclaimed “We’re all going to Ray’s place for breakfast!” LOL. I wasn’t brazen enough to invite the small group to observe the naked cook and we left shortly after that.

Over all it was a great start to the New Year. Wish I had known more people at the party, but had a good time anyway. Really enjoyed some great risky sex, and got to engage in some teasing exhibitionism. Hope the rest of the year is just as much fun.

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