Bitchy *****

I know its kinda bitchy, but I can`t help myself. I guess its a power thing. Nothing boosts my ego more than to see a stiff **** that I created, and knowing that I can choose to be a source of relief, or toture. Depends on the company and my mood.

tiggles tiggles
22-25, F
9 Responses Jun 3, 2009

I love women who feel their power over men and use it to tease.

I can see there's power in that. And I like that you like it. Makes you desirable, a bit difficult, hard-to-get and unpredictable - which gets my interest.

You are adorable, babe. Go out and teach your friends to be more like you.

There should be more woman like you in this world. Keep doing your good deeds!

I love being teased, especially in a CFNM setting...

I luv to tease and be teased,,,, you know it can go both ways..

Fun goes both ways :)

Wow, I love women like you.

damn, oh hell yeah