Like Being Teased

I love it girls, I love it. Nothing better then being teased. I have been teased a lot of times it seems. I guess I sort of get myself into the situations that lead to it but I have certainly met some girls that tease brutally. A much younger girl I had never met came here one night during a party at my place. A couple of days later, she appeared again.  She lived just down the road from me it turned out. Well the first thing she did was ask if she could go for a swim in my pool outside on the lawn. (I live in a well forested area) I said yes and she just took off all of her clothes while I watched then stood and watched from the pool as I ********. She had me take pictures of her nude and then went home. Serveral times afterwards she did the same, her favorite trick if I wasn't paying attention or was on the phone was to snap her thong a bit or other times she would just pull down her pants and maturbate while facing me. As soon as i wasn't busy, she would stop. The closest I ever got to having sex with her was one night she told  me to put on her panties and then eat her *****. I did and after she got off, I moved up and started to enter her, she let the head of my **** in her and pushed me away with a giggle. Holy frustrated at that point.

The next girl that teaed me relentlessly was a fried of my roomate. She came over here all the time and every time she did, she teased me. She always wore short skirts, very short skirts and often flashed "accidentally". She would be talking to me, looking right in my eye and let her top open right up, almost daring me to look. The other thing she loved to do, and also my favorite was to start a conversation and then part way though she would interrupt me saying she had to pee. She would then say, it's ok, keep talking I'll leave the door open if you don't peek. Do you know how hard that is, to chat away while she's peeing. The last time she teased me she was chatting away in my kitchen then kept talking and wondered into the living room. I wondered what she was up to and looked in and she was topless with her back turned, just putting on a bra and still talking. Holy crap i love it. Now i should finish with a dream I keep having about her. I dream she makes me come right into the washroom with her, turn my back while she pees. The then stands up and I can feel her right behind me, and hear her comments on things like "oh you should see how cute my ***** is shaved" or "too bad you can't see these little panties on me'. She gets dressed and then makes me pee while she watches. When I say anything she just tells me no to be so shy, it's ok to let her watch. 

Well, any girls that want to tease me I'm starting to love it so have fun. I have tons of pics (not on here) and don't expect any back if you don't want to. Enjoy

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I love it yuku, Now that's a tease! Bet you paced the floor afterwards wondering what to do about it. Next time I suggest you leave a nude picture of yourself where she can find it or let her catch you nude.

I have a friend of my daughter that is just 18 years old and she comes over quite often and spends nights at home. She knows that I eye her all the time and she makes it a point to wear very very short skirts or just a top and no pyjamas - and whe I come down in the morning for coffee or stuff - she will seat herself right across from me and open her legs so i can see between her legs - I cannot do a thing because my wife if close by but out of sight. Every time I try to get closer and touch, she gets up and talks to my wife. <br />
<br />
When I am alone, she will touch herself down there and even expose her privates to me - I can see that she is clean shaved etc, but she gets a kick out of teasing me and not letting me go any further.<br />
<br />
One day we were all going out to dinner and she was coming along with us. She got all dressed up and had on this short mini skirt. Everyone had gone to the car and she was still upstairs. I was down getting my wallet and she come down and asked me if I could burn a thread that was pulled on her top that was tucked into her mini skirt. I said sure and she slowly lifted her skirt to show me the loose thread that she wanted me to burn. I was shocked when I saw that she was totally naked and had no panties on. <br />
<br />
The thread was hanging right near her P**** and when I lighted my lighter to burn the thread, she asked me to bite it off instead - S**t, I was as hard as a rock - I agreed and while I was nibbling the thread off the blouse, I managed to touch her p**** and even got a two second taste of it, before she tugged her skirt down and darted out of the door.

Cool story enjoy while you can......(little green here)