Just The Audience Not The Act

I really like you - in lots of ways.  A fun friend. A person to talk to about anything and feel honoured with your company and openness. I want you desperately sexually - and can leave that in the background if not reciprocated.

It is - sort of. You get off on me wanting you. That works for you way more than the idea of me touching you. I like you being turned on and you like my desire for you.


We have known each other for some time. Flirted. Played around a bit. Talked - lots. You trust me and I trust you. Over time that has let to a comfort and openness.

It has led to this. Laying next to you. So close I can feel your warmth, hear your breath, feel you move on the mattress. Not touching though. Close. Very close. Not touching. Right now you look so beautiful. I look into your eyes. You tell me I show a lot in mine. In the edge of my vision I can see your arm reaching down under the covers, to the bottom of that long T-shirt you wear and up to where you can touch yourself. I don't get to see what you do. I can feel every vibration. See you start to flush and perspire. You take your time - no hurry. Waves of relaxation and excitement - you of course know just the right place and just the right time. I can feel my breath speed up, matching yours. I can feel the heat you give off, hear every sound. I feel just how very, very, turned on I am - even more so since I don't get to touch myself - not even for a second or two. 

You get closer, closer - and just before you buck and send your hair flying you kiss me on the lips, chastely, just the once. Then, you are overwhelmed and shuddering. Then, the pleasure gradually transforms to a sigh and a deep relaxation. You smile. I don't know whether I am smiling or sharing in that relaxation - or want to cry with frustration.

Some time, if I have held back long enough and been close to you for long enough, perhaps I will silently cry and beg with my eyes and that will get you off even more.

You roll me over, spoon in behind me, put your arms around me and are soon asleep. I will be awake for a lot longer - heart racing, hands trembling - wanting so badly to touch you, to touch myself, for you to touch me - and again that will not happen. Eventually I will fall asleep, eventually.

and in the morning you wake me with a kiss on the neck, or a playful tweak of a nipple or your thigh briefly pushing into my crotch and then withdrawing - and I am immediately back to desperate want... and you smile.

BlueDreamUK BlueDreamUK
41-45, M
1 Response Feb 28, 2010

I could not stand all that horniest action.