My Babysitters Feet

I was 8 years old when I had my first experience with tickling a girl's feet. I remember Shari had the most gorgeous feet ever. The first thing she would do when she came to babysit us was the take her shoes and socks off and go barefoot around the house. One night she was on the couch with her feet up and she fell asleep watching TV. That was my chance to try to tickle those preety feet and toes. I got to where her feet were and slowly moved my finger towards the sole of her foot. I could feel the warmth of her sole. I lightly ran my finger across the bottom of her foot and immediately she curled, scrunched, and flexed her toes. I then tickled her big toe when she woke up giggling and playfully asked what was I doing. I was so embarrassed that I could talk. She asked if I liked her feet to which I just nooded my head yes. She then just left her feet there and I took it as I had her permission to touch her feet; so I did. I rubbed and lightly tickled her feet and she just giggled and laughed. Thats so awesome...........
warvet warvet
51-55, M
Dec 25, 2011