How It All Started...

 When I was a child I didn't get a whole lot of hugs or tickles or "I love you" from my parents.  They just weren't that way...or if they were, I don't remember it.  All I remember about them was the name calling, the hitting, spanking and slapping, the guilt trips and the abuse.

There used to be this Latina babysitter who would watch me and my brothers.  Her name was Martha and she was a junior in high school at the time...very attractive with classic features and long, black hair past her shoulders.  I had a little crush on her.

One day we were wrestling around and horseplaying like kids do...and Martha trapped my bare feet between her legs...and began to tickle them.  Of course I laughed and laughed...but then a strange feeling came over me...something I had never felt before.  I got really tingly in my private parts...and I really loved the way it felt.  From then on I would always try to get Martha to tickle me.  I don't remember if she ever did it again, but I certainly haven't forgotten that first time.  One usually never does!

From then on any cartoons I saw with foot tickling or even a scene from a film or movie with just a trapped foot with a shoe on would get me to fantasise about tickling. Those Popeye cartoons where Olive Oyl was foot tickled (especially "Bridge Ahoy" where she dangled helplessly from a girder and Bluto peeled off the sole of her shoe and tickled her foot while she laughed uncontrolably) or the Three Stooges foot tickle scenes would really fascinate and arouse me!  The North to Alaska foot tickling scene where Stewart Granger tickled Capucine's foot also did it for me... At that point I began to tickle any female feet I would see.  Sometimes I would give my aunts a quick tickle.  I never tickled my Mother because I was never attracted to her or her feet.  As I grew older I started drawing little comic strips of feet being tickled.  Most of them would be about Robin the Boy Wonder getting one of his little green booties taken off and being tickle tortured on his feet.  Of course, subconciously it would be me being tickled!  By this time I discovered that if I humped my bed while reading my little comics I would get very tickly and excited down there.

As I got into high school I had one or two girlfriends whose feet I would tickle.  One of my girlfriends was named Cindy and I remember I trapped her foot and pinned it against my side and tickled her intensely while she bucked and kicked and laughed and tried desperately to get away.  She had VERY ticklish feet I discovered.  

For a long time I kept my secret hidden...then in the 80s I met the girl of my dreams and married her.  She would indulge my foot tickling fantasies and I would tie her up and tickle her feet because she told me it was arousing.  She had beautiful size 9 ultra ticklish feet.  After our sessions we would make intense love and all was wonderful for awhile.  She gave me so much confidence in myself and boosted my self-esteem.  She made me feel "normal".  I started to obsess about foot tickling and started my own newsletter and created videos where I would tickle my wife's feet and sold them thorough mail order.  Eventually we met a nice gentleman who played with us a couple of times.  I had a couple of female friends who would tease me with their bare feet and I wanted so much to tickle them...but I never did.  Eventually I started hiring models to make tickling videos with.  But it was all getting to be too much for the wife.  She left me for a young boy and told me one of the reasons was because of all the tickling.  I was devastated and threw out all of my tickling related material and shut down my newsletter and destroyed all the videos.

There was no tickling in my life for a good couple of years.

Eventually I would give a quick tickle to a pretty foot here and there, especially during the summer which was my favorite time of year.  Living here in Southern Calif. it would get warm and all the pretty feet in flip flops would show up!  I love summertime to this very day.  I began to visit dungeons where I would be foot tickled by mistresses and dominatrixes when I just would get so tickle horny and I would be DYING for my feet to be tickled!  I once met this gal who would tie my feet to my bed and tickle me to the point of insanity...I never laughed so much in my life!  I never realised how ticklish my feet were...and of course I would take matters into my own hands as I was being foot tickled and have the most intense, incredible *******!  For a while I had a female friend with whom I would have foot tickling sessions with every now and then...and they were all so fantastic!

There is currently a female friend that I perform with (I'm a musician) who has the prettiest feet and I would absolutely LOVE to have a foot tickling session with her.   I've told her how sexy her feet are and how attracted I am to them...I actually have a picture of them on my cell phone!  One time I actually tickled her foot and she was EXTREMELY ticklish!  She's always wearing sexy sandals or wedges and sometimes she kicks off her shoes and puts them in places where I can get a good look at them.  Sometimes she performs barefoot!  What a gal...but if I got her involved in my world of tickling...I'm afraid of what might happen and I don't want to jeopardize our friendship...

For extra income I now hire girls through Craigslist to make tickle video clips which I sell online.  Now that I am older I am more of an erotic foot tickler.  I like to caress and probe and slowly stroke and trace and tickle a pretty foot to discover where all the little happy tickle spots are that will drive my ticklee wild and possibly orgasmic.  I want to send shivers up and down their spine and arouse them with my soft, sensual tickle tickles.  Ultimately I would really like a female "tickle buddy" who understands my passion for foot tickling and enjoys it just as much as I do.  I wonder if she's out there somewhere..?   

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Hey, Bro, I can total sympathize and relate to your story. If u are who I think u are I loved your stuff and your site from before. If not, I still feel your story. Good luck in your pursuit of your ticklee.