it all started when i was 12 i grew up in Cleveland and have brothers and sisters so when mom wants to go out we need a sitter her name was Debbie she was 19 she was tall and a lil bit round not much she was well built and well endowed she had very dark hair and pretty blue eyes and she had the prettiest size 8s i had ever seen they were red painted toes and so soft like i had never felt before and unbeknownst to me she loved loved loved to have them rubbed and scratched i can remember laying on the floor watching tv with the dog my brothers and sisters and it was almost bedtime the show was ending and i was at the foot of the couch and had gotten up the pee before bed and i accidentally touched her barefoot getting up and she winced and jerked away at the same time i looked at her and she at me and i said im sorry did i hurt you she smiled and said no its ok no worries,so its bedtime my siblings go up and she asks me to stay up for a minute and i go back in the front room she turns the channel on the tv and she sits me down and asks if i will rub her feet for her being able to stay up i said sure i didnt mind at all so she gets comfy on the couch im sitting at the end and her pretty feet are in my lap oohh wow gorgeous so soft i touched her heels and rubbed slowly up her soles she reacted more than i thought she would she sighed and then exhaled and then instructed me on how she liked her feet scratched i was listening very closely and did as she asked all my nails lined up and gently up and down her foot first the laft then the right i couldnt believe it i got so excited i didnt want to stop at this time she didnt giggle but as soon as i wrapped my arm around her ankles and proceeded to scratch up and down her soles a lil bit harder thats when she laughed out loud she said stop that but did not pull her feet away she could have being stronger and bigger than i but she left her feet in my lap i did it again getting more excited by her laugh and again she said stop but did not pull away i then started at her heel slowly in small circles tickled up and down her foot she wiggled a little small giggles escaped her lips and thats when i could tell she too was excited she happened to mention to me that she slepped with her feet sticking out of the covers in bed and didnt like anything covering her feet and thats when i took her que she stopped me from tickling her feet and sent me to bed and ordered me to not sneak into her room hee hee i took that as a request to do just the opposite she didnt know it but i snuck in her room and sat in the corner of the closet she came in turning out the lights and she assumed i was i bed but i was watching her get ready for bed now remember im 12 and very curious about girls and she was very aware of this so it was surprising to me that she allowed me to do what i was doing in a sense she let me get off the first time so she is getting undressed all the way down to her panties which the only thing left on her then she puts on an over sized t-**** wow she is so beautiful big round boos long round legs and those pretty feet on the floor sitting on the bed she rolls in and then sticks her feet out the end of the covers there is a small nie lite in the corner and i wait for a few minutes and then make my way on my belly to the foot of the bed she wiggles a little getting comfy in bed and there i am at her feet they smell wonderful so soft so sensative i dont know why i did it but i touched her left foot with my tounge and slowly licked her foot and she sat up she looked right at me and then she said im gonna pretend im asleep you may do what you like but if you tell anyone your done for i agreed she laid back down and i went on with her feet my excitment was growing that is my little joint was growing i licked i stroked i tickled very slowly and licked some more her toes wiggled and wiggled she is enjoying it more and more shes letting little giggles escape and then i saw her round *** perk up and her arm was moving she whispered dont stop do all of what your doing so i did as she asked i liked i tickled i kissed her soles her toes i sucked on them till she all of a sudden gasped loudly for air and thats when i realized she was getting off on what i was doing it made me even more excited so much so that i didnt even realize the gob of **** in my shorts untill it touched my leg then i knew i was finished she lay there spent and ready for sleep i gently kissed her cheek and snuck out of the room she sat for us a couple years after that and all of us liked when mom would go out and thru those years she taught me some things that i wanted to know about me growing into a man but no one enjoyed her sitting more than me. more later
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This was an awesome story! :) I wish I could get some of the boys I sit to do this ;)