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I Stretched Her Out Tied To The Bed And Tickled My Story And Tell Me If You Think She Suffered Too Much

Hi how are you all doing? I would like to share with you this story and hopefully some of you will come back with your views and comments, and maybe some of you young ladies out there will let me tickle you.

I love to tickle females ages 20-40.  My favourite place to tickle women is on their feet, this is always a very weak spot for the ladies. I particularly like small feet as they seem more sensitive to the tickling.  Secondly i am very into the armpits and the ribs, the belly button and tummy are also great places to tickle. 

Firstly i should say i am a 38 year old single male from London UK, I am a real tickle fan and have lot of tickling video clips in my collection. I am a very good tickler, a master tickler and probably the best you will ever find. I am not just saying this as i have tickled lots of willing females and they all loved it despite their suffering and begging me to stop. . I am also very ticklish and do like the idea of being gang tickled by a group of 3 or 4 lovely ladies or even just one. 

My last girfriend, was extremely ticklish and whenever i tickled her she would beg and say some very funny things, anything to make me stop, but it just made me laugh and made me want to tickle her more.

She was about 5ft6 tall, very slim and quite attractive. She was simply Ultra ticklish, so one day i decided to get her naked and tie her up to the bedposts. I stretched her arms above her head which gave me a very good view of her ribs,pits and tummy, I loved that stretched feeling as it made her very vulnerable and totally at my mercy.  I then began tickling her feet and she laughed and pleaded with me for mercy. I said that there is no mercy and mercy is not in the English dictionary anymore. She said no what please its English??? youve got to stop.  I did not stop and i kept on tickling her. After a bit  I then began to tickle her armpits, while my teasing fingers were buried into her pits she was laughing hysterically and saying please stop this, why you doing this to me, i cant take it please no more  its too much for me please  i cant please you have to stop. Of course i never stopped. I continued to tickle her and then at one point she said i need to pee please stop, i knew she was lying so i then began to tickle her in between her legs. this drove her crazy. She then began to cry and whimper and i then decided to stop for a couple of minutes to let her breathe.  I then after two minutes carried on back under her armpits and she then said STOP YOUR KILLING ME, THIS IS KILLING ME PLEASE . I laughed and said no way its fun to tickle you and tickling cant kill anyone laughter is good .She then said its killing me no more. This was so hilarious when she said its killing me. I then tickled her tummy she was in absolute hysterics begging and pleading for mercy. Her worst spot was her pits cos that always provoked the old your killing me stop. 

I eventually stopped and she said i am a merciless tickler and my fingers tickle too much. I must say i have got good tickling fingers to drive any female crazy with tickling.   Do you guys think that hands make a lot of difference when tickling? Someone with big hands would be more torture than someone with small hands? do you think finger length makes a difference. I aways thought long fingers would be more torture. Do you think tickling can kill?

Are there any girls out there who like to be tickled and would like to be tickled mercillesly by me. 

VERYTICKLISHGUY VERYTICKLISHGUY 36-40, M 14 Responses Nov 28, 2010

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Yes, I would say too far, but secretly not lol. If it was me I would be loving it, although begging you to stop as I know it would make you continue :-) This is my exact fantasy and love being tickled gently with fingers - on my feet (middle of the sole / arch extremely ticklish) and under my arms. Ribs and sides also ....

I would be interested in being tied down and tortured unfortunately I'm to young but I'm not really into slow tickling I'm more into fast miserable tickling I'm most ticklish on my belly sides ribs and thyes I'm not really sure if I'm ticklish on my feet but anyway I'll be surely interested when I'm older ;p

How old are you? your profile say 26-30?

My feet are very ticklish. And im ticklish in a lot of other places. Size 5

that was fake cause her worse spot was not her pits

Lol ok what was her worst spot?

I would love to be tickled by you in person...... but im only 12 now.... can u wait about 15 years?? lol


yes yess u diiiddd

I did what?

made her suffer to muchh ;p

Love to work all over your feet for hours!

You can tickle me.

We share two things in common .. we live in London and we enjoy tickling. I respect you want a woman tickler to torment and tease you and wish you luck in your quest. I love tickling feet slowly, sensually and mercilessly and like you a cruel tickler I take my time so if you want to talk about techniques, that's cool but try this .. tongue tickling under the toes as you nibble and suck toes while slowly stroking the soles .. have fun!

Hi thanks for your feedback. The tonque tickling does not appeal to me. I am more into using the fingers possibly a feather for the real ultimate tickling torture experience. I believe the hands make a lot of difference. Long fingers will tickle more than short, soft hands more than rough etc. A woman can have a very sexy hand and some women have beautiful long fingers and it is a dream to see them on the London buses and tubes and me thinking what there hands would feel like tickling me or me tickling them. Just not into the tongue thing

Agree fingers are devastating run slowly all over both feet as I am an experienced Foot - Top and having been masseur enjoyed many feet and yeah straight guys have liked it knowing only their feet interest me!

So you are only interested in tickling feet? Do you find that small feet are more ticklish? do you have big hands? I have had quite a few offers from guys willing to tickle me but i am straight and not into letting guys tickle me. I somehow feel that I just prefer a woman to tickle me as her cruel tickles will drive me insane.

Hi Karim .. I love to massage and tickle feet of any size and yes my hands are big and its only a guy's feet I am interested in period and a guy who is ticklish is perfect and as for being a mean tickler .. loving what I do and liking to take my time would drive you insane and would you enjoy it .. straight guys have!
All the best , Alexandy also in London

Slow, sensual and merciless foot tickling sends me over the edge, but love it!

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Would love to hear from you! Let's chat!

Hi thanks for the comment. It would be good to chat too. Are you interested in tickling? My name is Karim. I am male from London UK. Where are you from? What your name?

From the U.S. State Michigan. Name-Terry Female.Would like to hear from you. Thanks!

Your soo evil lol. I would kill you

are you obsessed?

i like to tickle not obsessed just a fetish i have

You almost tickled her to death. The story tickled me pink! No more tickle tackle. Maybe it was fun but too much is not good.

Dunno about that. I'm sure ya can only take so much. The poor lady was begging ya to stop.....Sounds like pure torture on her end. I don't see that as being a turn on, at all. If that were Mmmmme, I would've ran like hell and never turned back. Just my honest opinion.

lol its not as bad as it sounds.

U sure about that???