Tickling My Mom

When I was 8, i came into the living room to see my 7 year old sister trying to tickle mom's feet(her worst spot by far).  Mom held her own against sis, keeping her feet firmly planted on the ground.  I came in and, despite her plea NOOOO, I tried a hammer hold on her right foot.  She had incredible strength, but her foot landed in my lap.  I yelled delightedly:  I've got her foot."  "NOOOOOOOOOOOO," was her response as  Ilaunched an attack on her sole.  Her strength snapped as she dissolved in hysterical laughter.  Sis got her other foot with ease.  Mom tried blocking her nose, blocking her breath, etc., but nothing helped her as two ruthless kids worked over her feet and her every ticklish spot for the next hour!!!! I've tickled many since then, but this experience helped launch me on my tickle ways.  I can still see the loving tears of laughter, hear her frenzied, garbled pleas and mindless laughter, and feel the excitement of her being totally at our heartless mercy.  We all remained very close!


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11 Responses Oct 6, 2008

my mum is very ticklish. i often saw dad tickling her. he would tie her in a spreadeagle position and tickle her until she pees.

52! Nice age! I love mature womens' feet. The wrinkley, semi soft and pink looking soles ae very arousing! Likey you Gina.

You want to tickle Me? If so tickle my Tummy or feet.

How old r u and she gina, and how long do u get each other? Where most???

I love being tickled and have been looking for a good tickler, interested??

Sure. Where do you live, and where are you MOST ticklish?

I have read where when exposed to feet at an early age, it will stick in your pysche. Of course, it depends on the type of exposure one had come across. Whether it was tickling a foot or fondling one. Mind was tickling and fondling. Yours?

My dad tickled my mom all the time. She was incredibly ticklish all over. I used to love hearing her laughter. I think he even made her pee once or twice.<br />
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It might be what got me into tickling at an early age.

It was before then. I used to admire, which led to tikckling, my nannys' feet. I had about 3 nannys. Each had been put through the ringer of being tickled. By the time my Aunt & Sister Inlaw came aaround, it made me more appreciative of their feet, when it came to tickling them. As far as i am aware of, i'm the only family member into feet. Mind you, my two nephews are heavily into the foot fetish scene. So you can say that i'm their favourite uncle! Lol.

Do you think it was that experience that made you into an adult tickler? It sounds like you loved tickling even before then. Was tickling a regular activity in your family?

Ummm..tickling your mother. Different! I've tickled my aunt. I've tickled my sister Inlaw, but i've never thought about my mum. Very different.

I'd stay away from you if I was your mom. I hate being tickled.