Jack tickles Lilly
Jacks at his in laws with his baby girl Callie and his 4 yr old niece while his wife and sister n law shop with his mother n law. Night night baby as he kisses Callie . Ok miss Callies down he says to Lilly and since you just woke up u and me can play ! I want big daddy says Lilly. I know sweetie but big daddy had to run errands he's nesting us for dinner with mimi , aunt Lou Lou, daddy, and mommy. I know but I still want him says Lilly. I know sweets says jack. U want a snack? No says Lilly pouting. Ok u know what as he lifts Lilly into his lap. What says Lilly? I think u need a mood change and I have the perfect way to do it says jack. Uh oh says Lilly trying to get away . Oh no u don't says jack! He tickles Lilly everywhere for 20 minutes! U happy he teases her? Yes she laughs! Good says jack cause my fingers r tired. Can I have some goldfish? U sure can says jack! 5:00 Lilly come on calls jack let's go ! Coming says the 4 yr old. I had fun today uncle jack says Lilly ! So did I miss lilly says jack!
Dollfan32 Dollfan32
31-35, F
Aug 17, 2014