I Adore Oral

I absolutley adore oral sex both giving and receiving.
My Gf loves to suck on me but I love to kiss and lick her temple.
I like to kiss her inner thighs and give little pecks to her furry mound.
I run my Tongue along her labia and part it as her lips swell.
I love the taste of her nectar as she moistens to the flicks of my Tongue.
Her clitoris swells as I like around it and kiss her ****.
She loves to feel my tongue to slowly explore hee temple licking as deep as I can savouring her.
Working away at her until she comes. To feel her body tense and her moans of appreciation as her thighs clamp around my head.
I adore to Tongue her and I love her for it.
charlie1960 charlie1960
51-55, M
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Dear Sweet BonnieBelle<br />
You are too kind. My grateful thanks for your kind comments. I enjoyed your profile too.

saladtosser, you got what it takes get your woman to climax. More power to you.

I spend hours between my gfs legs, sucking and licking. She moans with pleasure and it gets me hard when she does that. he rpussy is so sensitive when she comes, she can't bear for me to touch it immediately after she *******. I love being swamped in her juices and it gives me easy access to her *** as well which i also love to probe with my tongue. It seems to intensify the pleasure in her ***** at the same time.<br />
I can get so lost in worshipping her *****, that i forget all about my ****.

being covered by women's ***** lips is the heaven itself , licking and swallowing her juice is the syrup of the life, making her *** in my mouth is what she worth it, nomater how long it will take

Well Well Well, ain't she the lucky one !!!<br />
<br />
I wonder if all you guys love doing tonguing to your girl.<br />
<br />
Tell me honestly if any of you have taken a woman to ****** by tonguing only.<br />
<br />
It takes lot of tonguing work to get her to *** in full swing.. hope you guys know that..

Hey we have something in common. She must be a very happy lady. I hope for you that she loves giving also.