I Have A Long Tongue

My bride was a virgin on our wedding night, and as she lay naked on the bed, instead of getting down on top of her, I kneeled on the floor between her heels.

What are you doing? she asked. Oh, you'll see, I whispered as I pulled her closer to me.

I explored as much of her as I could with my tongue, penetrating deep inside her and wiggling just the tip of my tongue. I licked her labia slowly and sucked on her **** while she squirmed and moaned.

She started to push me away as she reached her first climax, but I pressed on--and in a few minutes when I tried to come up for air she pressed me back down.

That night she found out my tongue was for more than just kissing.

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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

I would love for this to be on my wedding night. This here ^ is such a hot story to a virgin like me.