Bladder Torture

THIS IS A FANTASY STORY!!. Once Emma was walking home and a mean woman kidnapped her.The woman strapped her to a table.
"haha"the woman cackled. ''Open your mouth" she said.She did as she was told and put it in.''This will fill your bladder to its maximum point.''
The woman made  her swallow it.Emma's bladder was streached to the maximum point and it would not fill any more.Emma's bladder would not fill any more.The woman put a cathedar in her bladder and would not let her pee one drop."I'll be back" she said.
Emma was yelling for help.The woman also put a 50 pound metal sheet on her bladder.Her bladder hurt so much it was hurting with pressure.
her bladder was bulging and hurting.then the woman came in and hit her in the bladder.and said "full?".The woman made her drink 1 more gallon.
The woman took her and left the cathedar in and watched her for days her bladder streacthed to the max fianally she let her go but did not take out the cathdar.

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yes make a series

Yes mate