The act of touching--whether it's a mother touch or a lovers touch so amazing--so wonderful. I close my eyes when I'm touched--just take in the feeling, let my other senses take over--a tender touch--a arousal touch---just go with the feeling.  A touch on the small of my bare back--electrifying.

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You have stated it the best I have ever heard it put and so simply. No wasted words.

Beach you are so right! It's an amazing feeling. And peter--yup--a tender spot

Rox--you are so right--a hand being held, a touch on the nape of the neck--just connecting--it's wonderful--love it.

I agree with you. The touch from someone close is special, wether it is a family member or someone close intimatley. They are different but both special in their own way. I love to be touched, I love to have my neck touched and my shoulders massaged. I love just holding hands. Sometimes the simplest touch can mean so much.

I have had a full body massage and they are amazing--also have done the hot stone massages--I feltlike putty when I left --was wonderful.<br />
<br />
Been getting massages for the last 15 years--pure stress relief--it's wortyhy every penny.

You should look into getting a massage ... <br />
<br />
My sister in law gave me a gift and I had my first full body massage last month ..<br />
It was more than I ever dreamed it could be.<br />
<br />
Non-sexual touching ... relaxing, heavenly, soothing, calming ... tingling ... bringing life and awareness of my body back to me.<br />
<br />
try it .. I guarantee you will like it.<br />
I went to a place in AZ called Massage Envy .. I think they are nationwide.