I force you backwards, your naked pale skin pressed hard against the cool kitchen chair. Before you can utter a word, I push a hard leather pony bit into your mouth, and you begin to drool almost instantly. You are caught off guard and try to come to terms with the gag and the smell of leather, while I deftly secure your wrists and ankles tightly to the chair with leather cuffs.

You are mine now and I know that this is what you want it so badly. All the more now as you see the pleasure, the satisfaction that I have already derived from you, yet you know I have only started. I stand close to you, my hard **** just inches from your mouth. You move your mouth forward and drool more against the bit, then I slap you.

I gather up your hair, twisting it around his fingers and pull it sharply. You gasp and cry out as my head snaps back. I move in closer still, bringing my head down and begin to slowly and deliberately lick your neck. My breath is warm against your skin and you shudder and moan.

I release my grip of your hair, then I slip a thick collar around your neck and I secure it so tightly that is uncomfortable. Your breath is heavy now, a mixture of fear and excitement, but you know you must control it as the collar makes it hard for you to draw breath. I walk around you, inspecting you, pushing your knees apart to gain a better view of your smooth glistening shaved *****. You try to turn your head away, ashamed of your own excitement, but I hold your face and whisper to you “You are perfect and you are Mine.”

You whimper through the pony bit, feeling the collar bite into your neck, as I take a long white length of silken rope and begins to work it around your body with knots and twists. Your flesh begins to bulge between the lines of rope, as it cuts against your arms, back, thighs and chest. I tighten it more and more, and it begins to bind my heavy breasts firmly You begin to whimper slightly as you feel the pressure of your blood being trapped and pushed into your hard nipples.

I stand before you now, assessing my rope work.  My hard **** is hard and erect, only inches from your face and drips with a pearl of pre-***. Your mouth is tired and aching, while you long for nothing more than have my **** in your mouth.

I push your legs apart as far as possible and your flesh strains against the rope, as your wet and swollen ***** is exposed. I gently and softly slides his fingers along my ***** lips, and you moan thickly and deeply as I force them inside you again and again. Without thinking, you try to push my hips against his hand, wanting me, needing me inside you, wanting me deeper, and you whimper in frustration as I take my fingers out of you and slides them along your swollen ***** lips.

A powerful jolt shocks your body as I find your swollen ****, and I begin to massage it. You groan, still trying to push against my touch, despite the rope cutting into your flesh more deeply. Without warning my fingers clamp down hard on my ****, pinching it hard between my fingernails. Pain branches out in tendrils into your hips and thighs, as you cry out, and your breath catches in your throat as I command you to be still. You stiffen and try your hardest not to move as my **** is only inches from your face. You can smell me and you can almost taste me.

I am aware that my ***** juices have my the kitchen chair wet and slippery beneath me, as once again I slip my fingers deep into you. This time, you know not to move if you don't want me to stop again. You fight the desire to push against my fingers as they tease and stretch your *****. You look down trying to see my fingers as they slip in and out of me, but your view is restricted as the collar bites into your neck.

I push my fingers his fingers deeply into my swollen dripping ****. Now I have two fingers inside you but slowly I have three and finally four fingers inside you. As I take my hands out of your ***** your I cry out in frustration, but this time I don't punish you. Instead I loosen the pony bit and I removes it from your mouth. But before I you can relax your aching jaws, I grab your head with with both of my hands and firm guides my thick hard **** into your mouth with such force that your teeth graze along the length of my shaft.

I begin to moan as I force myself deeper into your mouth, and you suck greedily on my ****, flicking your tongue in circles around the head. The drool from the bit has travel led the length of my **** as I **** your mouth hard and deep. You gag on my **** as I force it down your throat.

The force of my **** ******* your mouth makes the collar pinch into your neck and you cry out in pain, fear and excitement. I feel the vibration of my cry down the length of my **** but it only makes me want to **** your mouth harder still. You can taste my pre-*** at the back of my throat and you whimper as my fingers begin to twist your hair again, as I hold your head with such strength that you can’t move.

Then without warning I take my **** out of your mouth, and your jaws are on fire, your throat is pounding. You can smell and taste my seed in my mouth. Again I push your legs apart and slide four fingers deep inside your *****. Your begin to moan as I keep pushing my fingers deep inside you. Then I take my hand out of your, my fingers covered in your ***** juices and I force my fingers into your mouth. With musky sweetness of my ***** juice combined with the taste of me, your greedily suck on my fingers while I twist your hair with my hand..

Then I  take my fingers out of your mouth, I pull your head back and I kiss you deeply. My tongue finds yours and you suck gently on it. I can feel your  passion for me as we kiss, and I know you adore him. I find your bottom lip and I sucks and nibble on it gently. You  moan as your breath is taken away.

Standing above you now, before you, I look down at your bound ****. Red and swollen from the pressure of the rope, I traces my finger over your breasts, before bringing my mouth down, to latch onto a blood engorged nipple. You moan deeply as my teeth graze over the sensitive hard nub. I stand and adjust the rope, to allow better access to both nipples

'You mark so beautifully, Slave” I whisper while dragging my teeth over your nipples.

A I remove the silken rope from your breasts, you feel the blood rush into the welt left behind by the rope, as it digs into a fresh area of *** meat. Your sensitive and erect nipples ache under my gaze, and as I pinch them firmly between my fingernails. You feel the tingling pain/pleasure sensation build in your chest as you catch your breath in anticipation of what is to follow.......



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May 12, 2012