*** Play

I like to introduce a Slave to *** play early in her training.

Firstly I have the Slave ***** naked in front of me. Then I have her lay face down on my bed. Then apply plenty of lubricant along your *** line, gently sliding my fingers into her *** so she knows what I intend to do. I work as much lubricant as I can into and around her ***. Then I lay on top of her with my full weight on her. I start sliding my **** backwards and forwards along your *** line until it is hard enough for penetration. Then I tell her to relax before I slide my hard swollen **** into her ***. Initially I don't attempt deep penetration but I gradually work my whole **** inside her as she becomes more relaxed. Once I have full penetration I would then ride her hard while she learns to enjoy the experience.
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May 12, 2012