******* Slave For The First Time

I would lead you to my bed using the leather lead attached to your Slave's leather collar. As instructed you would lie on my bed on your chest with your arms outstretched. I would tie cotton ropes to your wrist then fastened to the bed head and then pull them tight. I would get you to move your knees forward and under you so your arse would be elevated.


I would tell you that if you are a good Slave I will release you but if you aren't I will make the ropes even tighter.

I'd put a good wad of lubricant on the tips of my fingers hand and applying from the top of your ***** back to your arse. Then I would start massging your ****. Using the tip of my index finger I would slide my finger along your **** making it longer and fatter.


Once I had properly lubricated your beautiful ***** I would start insert my fingers. I would begin with one, then two and then three. Gradually pushing them deeper and deeper in your wet *****. While doing this I would grab the hair on the back of your head for purchase while my other hand was occupied by your *****. Finally I would use four fingers with almost all of my hand inside you. ******* will come later.


By now I would be aroused but not enough for penetration. I would release to from your ropes and I would stand next to the bed. Then I would say ‘I want to **** your mouth”. While I was ******* your mouth I would hold your head by the hair so I could control how deeply my **** penetrated your mouth and the speed of the strokes.


Once I was ready for your *****, I would lie on my bed and motion you to kneel on top of me. I would hold by fat firm **** by the shaft and line it out with the entrance to your wet *****. I would then put my hands on your hips and slowly lower you onto my ****. I will keep my hands on your hips to control how fast you moved up and down on my ****. With each motion I would move deeper and deeper inside your wet ***** until I had full penetration.


Once I had full penetration I would allow you take control moving up and down on my ****. But if you were too fast I would slap you on the arse and tell you to slow down. I would tell you what a beautiful ***** you have and how I love putting my **** inside my Slave, where it belongs. As your breathing became faster, I would know you were about to come. I would then allow my *** juices to flow. As you started to come I would allow myself to release my *** juices deep inside your womb. 

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May 12, 2012