Master Slave Conversation #3

By Don Juan Quixote

Master: You want me to make you do naughty things?
Slave: yes please
Master: Are you horny?
Slave: Yes very!
Master: How about a nice ******** story...have you read any of those I sent you?
Slave: just a couple. That is something i would like to try i think
Master: Tell me about your ******** fantasy...
Slave: i would not know it was going to happen. i may be out some place and see some guys lookin at me. i try to walk fast to get away but they follow me. they grab me and take me to a house. They hold me and take my clothes off. i fight as hard as i can but they over power me. Then it just happens
Master: what happens?
Slave: they force me to suck a **** and rub my **** and shove a **** in my *****.
Slave: they tell me to suck it ***** and **** me hard. they tell me i am a *****. they use me in every way possible. pull my hair and slap my **** and ***.
Slave: i do like it and go with what they want after awhile
Slave: oh my god. that was awesome!
Master: Now, how does your ***** feel?
Slave: scary in parts but just to have them all do that to her has to make a girl cream
Slave: need to *** bad now
Slave: can i?
Master: Yes, you may.
Slave: mmmmmm thank you
Master: pretend I'm eating you out.
Slave: ohhhhhhh god
Master: and fingering you, touching your g spot...
Master: and rubbing your ****.
Master: tongue ******* you...
Slave: moaning loud
Slave: **** yes!!!!!
Master: you want to *** all over my face and beard?
Slave: yes please!
Master: Will you shoot hot ***** juices all over?
Slave: yes
Master: You want me to **** you from behind and pull your hair?
Slave: if that makes you happy
Master: And make you suck ****?
Slave: i want to make you happy
Master: Good...
Master: you do make me very happy when you tell me how horny and wet you are...
Master: *** for me now...pretend I"m with you...
Master: using and abusing you...
Slave: ok. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ****!!!!!!
Slave: oh my god. that was a lot
Master: Have a good ******?
Slave: very!!
Slave: still breathing hard
Master: Feel a little better?
Slave: yes. thank you
Master: Or do you need to *** again?
Slave: hmmmmmmmm what do you want?
Master: I want you to tell me how you want me to **** you all night.
Slave: in every way possible
Slave: i just want you to use my body
Master: Tell me how you want to be used...
Slave: ii showed up at your door and said i'm yours. do what you want
Master: I would like to take all your clothes off...
Master: and handcuff you to the headboard on your back...
Slave: oh yeah!
Master: Tie your ankles together...
Master: and spread your knees apart...
Slave: mmmmmmmm
Master: Then, lick and kiss your thighs, teasing you and making you moan...
Slave: more like scream i'm sure
Master: I would shove two fingers in and work your g spot while I put my **** up to your face and tell you to "Suck it *****!"
Slave: yes master!
Master: "Lick it up and down...lick the balls and make them full of ***"
Slave: mmmmmmmm yes i will
Master: And, I'd alternate between spreading you juices on your **** and rubbing your g spot...
Master: you'd be moaning loudly and bucking your hips as you took me into your mouth...
Master: I say stearnly "Suck on my **** until I unload in your mouth you little ****!"
Slave: i will do as you say master. it feels soooooo good
Master: "Then, and only then, will I **** the **** out of you!"
Slave: i will do a good job i swear
Master: Will you suck it all down?
Slave: yes master
Master: and lick my **** clean?
Slave: yes master
Master: Will you beg me to **** you?
Slave: yes master
Master: How will you beg?
Slave: i will tell you i would do anything if you would please **** me. i will do all you say master. just please will you **** me?
Master: You promise? Anything I tell you to do?
Master: Are you going to be an obedient sex slave? So I don't have to punish you?
Slave: i will try master
Master: Then, I will stick the head in a little bit...
Master: and ask "Try? Tell me that you will obey me!"
Slave: i will obey you master. please push it in more.
Master: Then, I will shove it half way in as a reward...and back out...
Master: "Like that?"
Slave: ohhhhhh thank you master. yes i do
Master: "Will you **** other guys in front of me if I tell you to?"
Slave: yes master
Master: "And take their *** too?"
Slave: yes master
Master: Then, I will shove my **** all the way in...
Slave: oh thank you master
Master: And shove my swollen balls
between your hot wet ***** lips.
Slave: mmmmmmmm
Master: "Do you want to be pounded?"
Slave: yes please
Master: "Then, you have to agree to start doing slave tasks for me"
Master: "No matter what I ask..."
Master: And, I'll shove it in hard three times making you scream with surprise...
Slave: yes master
Master: "Will you do what I ask you to do?"
Slave: yes master
Master: "Who owns your *****?"
Slave: you do master
Master: "Can I do anything I want with it?"
Slave: yes master
Master: "Shove objects in it?'
Slave: yes master
Master: "Give it away to whoever I want?"
Slave: yes master
Master: Then to seal the deal I would pound you hard for a little while, heating up your throbbing *****...
Slave: ohhhhhh yes. thank you master
Master: "Will you tell me if you talk to other guys?"
Slave: yes master
Master: "And tell me what you say to them?"
Slave: yes master
Master: "Will you ask my permission before you get into any sex talk?"
Slave: yes master
Master: Then, I will turn you over and start stroking you from behind...long, deep strokes as you beg me to keep you as a sex slave...
Slave: mmmmm yes please keep me
Master: "Will you be my slave?"
Master: "Will you learn the poses I sent to you?"
Master: "Will you get a camera and a webcam so you can present your body to it's owner?"
Slave: i want to. just not sure if i can do that every day. it is a turn on.
Master: It won't be every day...
Master: I will contact you when I want to use and abuse you...
Slave: hmmmmmmm
Master: You will be available for my pleasure.
Slave: that i like
Master: And, when I want you, you will obey as soon as you possibly can.
Slave: no others?
Master: No others without my permission.
Master: You must ask to **** another...And, I may let you...I may not.
Slave: that may be the hard part. what about john?
Master: John?
Slave: john smith. so you know him?
Master: Yes.
Master: You want to **** him?
Slave: yes
Master: Okay, I will allow you to have cybersex with John.
Master: But, you must copy the conversation and send it to your master.
Slave: what if i want to meet him?
Master: Are you close enough to meet him?
Slave: could be
Master: Do you want permission to suck his ****?
Slave: yes. i'm just not sure on all this. i love it but yet i like john and want to do more than suck his ****
Slave: can i have you both?
Master: You must first tell him that I am your master and have given you permission.
Master: then, you may have us both.
Master: And you can **** him if you tell me everything that you are doing with him.
Slave: not sure i'm ready for that
Master: Why?
Slave: not sure
Slave: i love to obey but just not on a full time basis
Master: Is it the lack of privacy?
Slave: part of it
Master: What's the other part?
Slave: i'm young. i want to explore all thats out there
Master: Don't you want to share it with me?
Slave: i don't want you to get mad at me
Master: When is the last time you had a **** in your *****?
Slave: actually about a month ago
Master: I will understand that you have a very high need for constant sex. Part of my job as your master is to consider your needs.
Master: And to take good care of you.
Master: I will let you **** alot....
Slave: what if i want sex and i have it with out asking
Master: Then, you need to be punished.
Slave: if i get cought up in the moment it could just happen
Master: Then, you must come home and tell me immediately.
Master: I know that you are a ****. You are now going to be my ****. I like you to be slutty and **** alot.
Master: Who did you **** a month ago?
Slave: my ex
i don't want to just have one guy. i want to have fun and play around
Master: That's what I want for you too.
Master: I want you to **** around a lot.
Master: And, try new, daring, and exciting things.
Master: You will not make me mad. I like you the way you are.
Slave: i want to try all that just not used to reporting back to anyone
Master: But, I want to share the anticipation, and the excitement with you.
Slave: i know......
Master: We will dream up deliciously slutty things for you to do...
Master: And we can share it together...
Slave: you are a very sexy man
Master: When do you want to **** John? You’re in Indiana and he is in Kentucky right.
Master: ?
Slave: i think you’re really hot
Slave: not sure when
Slave: i just like him
Master: Thank you....this is the kind of relationship you've been looking for, isn't it?
Slave: i think?........
Slave: i just don't know for sure
Master: Will you tell John that you are going to try being my sex slave (it will only turn him on more)
Master: Using my sex slave...
Slave: you sure. i don't want to hurt him. i do like him
Master: He will think it's really kinky...
Slave: he said he would like to see me 5 or 6 guys
Master: I would like to see that too.
Master: That's not a problem. We will organize a ******** for you...
Slave: i will try. not saying i can stick to it
Master: I think your ***** needs a good all night gang bang.
Master: Just be honest with me, and tell me what is going well, and what is not.
Slave: ok
Master: Good.
Master: Now, I will think up a task for you to do for me...and we will talk to John about ******* you soon.
Slave: ok. i talked to him this morning
What did you talk about?
Slave: we had sex he was my daddy

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Dec 14, 2012