I Love to Travel - and Have Gone to 364 Cities In 20 Countries!!!

I must have been a gypsy in a previous life....as I'm struck with insatiable wanderlust!!! :)
Some memorable trips include Venice, Florence and Pisa in Italy; Egypt and the Nile; India and the Taj Mahal; Singapore and Malaysia; London and several spots in the UK, Paris, Munich, Vienna, Salzburg, the Alps; the Arabian Gulf; Ireland; and an incredible 2 month road trip through 40 states in the US.....

Update: China (Beijing, Shanghai and Xian)....; Mexico, the Caribbean islands.
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We have been to many of the same places. I would love to chat sometime and share stories !

Sure!!!! :))


I would have loved to share a bottle of wine in Italy or a Bombay and tonic in India with you :)

Hey. When you are able to convince yourself to come to Nigeria, I'll be glad to host you.

I envy the freedom you have to move around so much...

Thank you. I'd love to visit one day.

That's awesome. I enjoy traveling and seeing new places, but only get to do so for work since my wife does not like to fly -- only so many places you can drive:-).

so you had been to my country.

Which country is that? :)


Yes, it's one of my most memorable trips! Are you Egyptian? I grew up in Qatar.

But I'm not Arab.

when you will visit Egypt again?

I don't know.... It was something of a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

be my guest in your next visit please.

Thank you! :))

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Why are you so well traveled?

I love traveling above everything, except maybe making out. :)

Oh, Ok. Then get in my truck and I'll take you to McDonalds to help you kill two birds with one stone. ;)

erm......what??? :)

Spots, not posts....lol.

hmmm... really? We're planning on Greece next year, but if that doesn't happen, China was next. Have you been there? If you have, which posts did you go to?

I will, I promise. Just give me a little time because its been hectic with work and family stuff.

Thanks, but it may be a while before we go. :)

Good luck on your new trip! :)

@ Mancutout: Its actually gotten very easy to travel, what with so many travel deals and packages out there. I've become quite adept at planning within a budget. If you have a family, children, it might be a bit more challenging though. However, my dad and mom used to pick a different spot every year for our vacation, and we loved to explore new places from when we were quite young!

@babyasleep: I did plan to visit China in 2008, after the Olympics, but then had a family emergency and had to cancel. I hope to go soon though! :)

You've been to a lot places, but i noticed that you didn't go to China.