I Am a Gypsy!

My husband and I live in a fifth wheel camper and move  to a new place about every six months.  We take various (stress free) jobs across the United States.  Quite a few of our friends call us "gypsies".  I am enjoying this lifestyle and hope to see a lot more of our beautiful country before we settle back down in my home state of North Carolina.  A lot of people we meet say "I'd like to do that!" and the answer is...........if you honestly feel that way then DO IT! 

I am trying to live my life with no regrets

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

i really wanna start traveling and meeting more hippies and gypsies . i want to live in the woods and on the road , i want to feel that total freedom , that bliss . my only problem is i dont have anyone to do it with , im lackin companionship .

Hang in there Hippielov3 I never knew this was something I would do but the man in my life said he would like to try it and I am OK with it. We are thankful to have the life we have. We will never be stuck in the "same old grind" with our lifestye. It can happen for you too!!!

You would actually be surprised ....there are hundreds of thousands of us who are fortunate enough to live like this!!! Thanks ..........and see you on the road ;) Super

I've never heard that before; at least i don't think so. But it shows the will for freedom which i salute. All the best!