Don't Use The 'n' Word In Africa

Six months ago I went to Liberia, and - being a 6ft tall Caucasian blonde woman from Texas - I stood out in the crowd. Seeing I'm Caucasian and from Texas, the locals expressed their views regarding Caucasians- namely how efficient they're at enslaving blacks. Upon hearing this, I got mad and used the 'N' word. That was the stupidest thing to do and I paid dearly for using that word. As punishment, the locals forced me to wear a little yellow dress with yellow chicken feathers around the middle of my thighs (with TexASS written on the back of the dress) plus yellow heels with pom-poms, a cowboy hat on my head. With my hair put in a ponytail, they forced me to perform on horseback in front of an entire village. I had to crouch on a saddle in 3'' heels. The whole ordeal was extremely humiliating (my backside was exposed to the world). After something like this, I will never use the 'N' word again.
AliceRabbit AliceRabbit
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 20, 2010

Well, you should have known better already. You certainly deserved all that and more. I am surprised you didn't get a harsher treatment as such a hot blond in a place where they are scarce.

Add me. I liked the story.