It's All About The Moments

Fell asleep in a ditch in Korea.

Got mugged in Mexico.

Left my favorite jacket in Canada.

Played chess on the top floor of a swanky hotel in Shanghai

Went to the top of the 91st floor of the 101 building

Stood at the window of a certain book depository in Dallas

Kissed the Blarney Stone (and still no sores!)

Sat under a huge oak tree outside Kings College in Cambridge

Enjoyed the cherry blossom festival in Tokyo

Was scowled at by a guard in North Korea

Burned a leach off my calf in Panama

Got married on a dock on Lake Huron

Sipped coffee - eye level with peregrine falcons at a mountain resort in VA

Ran for a plane in Hong Kong

41 now and hoping to double this list.
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41-45, M
5 Responses Jul 21, 2010

No question that the best part of traveling is experiencing new things and looking back fondly at the little things that make a lifelong impression on you. Great list! Hope it continues to grow.

It's really awesome how you can watch those travel channels and say to yourself "Been there, done that." :D

I think its great to be able to look back and see those less fantastic bits as just part of the rich tapestry of getting to roam the world. I can't wait to experience travelling and all that goes with it - the good and the, thank goodness I survived!!

Thanks! Sometimes when you're having the moment you can't imagine you're going to look back at it fondly someday, but that's life - unexpected!

Cool list :) Sounds like alot of really neat moments and Im hoping too that you have many many more! Happy Travels!