Portland, Oregon

Well, had to fly here for a quick business trip and found it to be a lovely city. Friendly people, pretty clean and rather eclectic in its downtown area. Sorry I could not stay longer and really explore. Maybe next time.....
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I grew up in the Seattle area and lived about 100 miles south of Portland... in Eugene, OR... for several years. I'm on the east coast now... and miss the northwest.

My how the Portland area has changed through the years! But, even so, there is much that is wonderful about the area... an hour east to Mount Hood and the Cascade Mountains... and hour west to the Pacific Ocean... located where the Willamette and Columbia Rivers come together... an hour west of the Columbia Gorge... wonderful seafood... lots of wineries and micro-breweries... biking and hiking... boating and fishing... clean water and fresh air... tall cedar, fir, and hemlock trees... strawberries and huckleberries... mountains and waterfalls... tulips and daffodils... mild winters and summers... mmmmm... some of my favorite things... :>)

Wish I still had clients there now. An hour,

Its a wonderful place....specially summer. An hours drive.

yea it is a really nice place! its so beautiful their, i drove their from Las Vegas and Georgia to Las Vegas, the air is just so fresh their and the water is emerald green, i just love it, i am going to go their for good and stay.