Once I Get The Ok From Doc, I'm Off On A Damn Holiday!

Have been unable to travel now for 2yrs due to a Heart condition at 30yrs! Yes it sucks! I have been so desperate even more so than ever to pack my bags and go and enjoy myself. I'm having trouble with obligation though. Friends want me to visit them in Canada. Ilive in Australia as you could appreciate it is a loooooooonnnng flight and expensive. But my point is I don't want to let people down and I feel I need a more spiritual trip this time to Brazil (Rio and Peru)...only time will tell. But for now I'm keeping the dream alive and checking out flights because I really need to have some FUN in my life. The last time I travelled and lived overseas was 2002 travelled through Europe and had a ball living in London. Bring on the next adventure! :)
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Hi Kusak, I'm wanting to go to South America (Brazil and Peru) But due to my health I may have to do a trial run a bit closer and see how I go. So next year maybe Phuket Thailand or Hawaii. Where abouts have you been? And where to next for you?

Where do you intend to head to next?

Thanks. So true!...I'll have to live through other people till then!...Hope you are out there living it :)