'' Travelling'' , Is In My Wish List.

Among other dreams , travelling the whole world is also in my wish list. I know travelling is not easy , cheap & affordable for me.And, I also know ''travelling the whole world'' means alot & it cost very much.Being a pretty young girl , & still single , without any companion with me, travelling sounds more difficult & seems less accomplished to me. Inspite of all these negative thoughts, I still dream that one day, I would see the best part of the world.

Fortunately, so far I have travelled few countries in Asia ,with my family on vacations. Though, I have very little travelling experience,but I enjoyed alot & learnt many different things during my trips.

Perhaps, I like travelling alot because , its like an opprtunity to learn different cultural things besides fun & pleasure.I believe travelling helps in learning new things, getting know about different countries lifestyles(dresscode), language , religion , customs , food ..etc etc. Moreover, it also gave us an idea about , which country is more progressed & getting prosper.

A couple of years ago, i travelled to Malaysia, with my few cousins.Even though, it was only two days & one night trip, but I had an unforgettable time. In jus a short trip, we enjoyed plenty of things.As we had already pre-planned the trip, so everyone was fully charged & enthusiastic , after our arrival at Malaysia airport . No one spend long hours in sleeping & getting ready in hotel.Everyone was excited & longing to explore the best places of Malaysia in little time.

Travelling always fascinates me , I always dream to explore the different countries lush green country sides , parks , museums , enjoying their different tropical & polar climate, eating & enjoying traditional foods, interaction with cosmopolitan people.
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haha. everone loves travling. The difference is how and who you travel with..<br />
<br />
It is a pity i never really travel anywhere, but i'd like to try some other time..

Hey:~ DJK44 thanks for wishing me & for the nice comment:)

I too wish, so much, to see the world, there's really just so much to explore. I never traveled outside, or even inside country except for a few places but I hope to. I'm highly interested in photography; nature as well as street photography.