No Where Is Too Much Trouble To Experience

From the steamy tropical monsoon washed trackways of Malaya, the white washed colonial edifices of Singapore, and the high rise economic rapture of Hong Kong, which were amongst my far eastern experiences; up into the cool, lush green of the Indian highlands, down to the khaki clad plains of the Uttar Pradesh plains, awestruck by the glittering reminiscences of Mughal majesty and unimaginable wealth, brought to a amazing climax by the magnificance of the Taj Mahal, that timeless monument to love from which I dragged myself away with reluctance.

To find myself in total contrast, breathless with the searing heat of the Radfan Mountains of Yemen, eager to explore the casual markets of the then free port of Aden, as a British Protectorate. Where bargains galore, tempted the eager youth of visiting militia to part with their sorely won recompense.
Across the gulf into the arid, dusty volcanic expanse of the Sudan, still dotted with sad recollection of the high ambition of colonial Britain to subdue the fanatical following of the Mad Mahdi, made seemingly glorious through film and expansively romantic literature, yet was a sordid and bloody inestimation of the qualities of the " fuzzy wuzzy".

North to the worlds greatest open air museum, each day presenting a fresh insight into the magic that was Ancient Egypt, interpreted yet not fully understood, a culture of contrasts which highlight the lavish expendture of yesteryear against the numbing poverty of today.
East throught the oft troubled lands of the berber, Libya, Tunisa, Algeria and Moroco; spotted with pristine rows of honourably maintained gravestones of the fallen of many nations, embroiled in conflict along the rim of North Africa.

Across the expanse of the mostly calm and generally aquamarine Mediterranean sea, sits historical Europe. Vibrant yet steeped in artifact, Italy dips her toe demurely into the briny; at her head, the alpine encompassed Austria shows her wild flower strewn meadows which, each winter becomes a vast expanse of icing sugar whiteness, the play ground of young and old alike.
Her neighbour Germany, displays a teutonic cleanliness, pretty villages, historical buildings, dark forests of legend. Onto the Netherlands, picturesque, quaint, offering a charm, more easily defined than that of the more staid Belgium next door.
France claims a gallic sang froir, yet the uncouth male holds a strange allure for the chic femme of this misunderstood nation.

Finally, the soul of a forgotten Empire, beckons me home, through the cherry blossomed vales of south eastern England, the battle scarred ruins of this centuries old nation casting shadows over my travel weary form.

So much seen , yet so much yet to explore, just give me the time and resources, and the bedouin incarnation of a previous existance will drag me into the unknown, yet again.
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Aug 5, 2010