What Just Happened?

I've had a friend for 2 yrs who has become a sister to me. Over the weekend we stayed in a hotel with a few friends and she left me to hang out with another one of her guy friends. While she was gone one of my guys took a joke to seriously and wouldn't let me leave the room. I called her for help and she told me to stop joking around. My guy friend ended are conversation and threw me on the bed. After finally convincing him I wasn't playing anymore he stopped.
I called her back asking her where she was and why she didn't come to help me and she said she'd figured I'd be fine. After hanging up on her I spent the next day doing my own thing and letting her hang out with who ever she wanted. She decided to spend the whole day sleeping. After that I saw her again that Tuesday. We argued about it for abit and i told her how i felt that she did this to me often. After to begging for my forgiveness I rolled my eyes at her and we joked around for the rest of the day before she left. Last Night her cousin calls me asking if I called my friend a *****. I told her no and she called me a liar a b**** and threatened that if i ever talk to her cousin again she'd come after me before hanging up.
I immanently sent my friend a message back asking her what was going on and got no response. So can someone please explain to me what happened between Tuesday and Wednesday that made two people who have been close for two years to now not even speak to each other.
Aseret421 Aseret421
18-21, F
Aug 5, 2010