Who Are You?

They made me go talk to this therapist women who kept asking me, who I was. She just kept saying "Why Briaunna? Why don't you know who you are?" I just kept saying "I don't know" till it was time to go home.

But I did know.

So can you answer me this therapist women? Who is Paris Hilton? Who is Lindsay Lohan? Who is anybody? Who are you?

Because I would like to know. I don't understand how anyone could know who anyone is. People see what they want to see. People want you to be what they like. What they find satisfaction in. People don't understand, what makes you feel and cry. Even though they say they do. People make you believe the lies they tell themselves. People know how to craft fiction. Make things real about you, that aren't true. People make you forget your true self. People live there lives by quotes written by others. Look up to others, other then themselves. People never look at themselves and say "Hey your great!" So you can't possibly answer the question...

"Who are you?"
But I don't think the Therapist women would have understood that.
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ok so what does this have to do with travel

well who you are is yours and yours only ... nurture it, feed it goodness, happiness, and joy and let it become the blossom of who you choose to become...

Well written.. You have a healthy attitude.