My Three Dream Trips

        I have three dream trips taht I would like to take.

       The first dream trip is. A vacation to Hawaii. perfebably when its winter here in Utah. I hate how the winters can be long and cold. I can only take so much of th ecold weathetr. I don't like the snow after a while. It cases way to much ice for me. I can be dangres on the ice. I would like to go to Hawaii to get warmed up for a while.

       The second dream trip is. To see the East coast. To visit all of the history places that  there is. I love history so much. I would just love to see the history places and also get some lobster. Hopefuly that trip will come true soon. I would also be able to see my Navy guy.

     The Third dream trip is. To see Eroupe. I would love to see all of th ecountrys that I could. Try all of food that they have. That would be so much fun to do with someone  that I love. It would be nice to spend some time in places that I have anseters from. Get to see how they would have lived.
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22-25, F
Aug 8, 2010