Incredible India?

Hello travel enthusiasts!

I will be going for a trip to the South of India, Trichy to be exact for 2 weeks and am clueless as to what I can expect there. For those who are from/have been to Southern India, I would really appreciate if you could tell me what it's like. (: Here are some things I'd like to know more about:

- Are the police there as corrupted as widely speculated?

- Are the people there hospitable?

- Financial tips: Bargaining, How Much is too Expensive?

- Is it dangerous there?

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Kusak Kusak
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 10, 2010

I have been to India twice as a tourist but not were you are going but this advice might help you.<br />
become a vegetarian for your trip as most tummy upsets are caused by meat,do not eat fruit you cannot peel or wash,drink bottled water and do not take ice in a drink.Do not flaunt your wealth be disceet with your money,haggle over everything you purchase,reduce their price by 75% and pay 50%.Begging is a way of life for an army of Indians harden your heart do not give to street beggers, look at the faces of the women and see how much gold they wear and wonder why do they beg, babies can be rented by the hour as a prop.If you plan to travel about a lot use a local travel company to arrange a hire car and tip the driver 50 rupees a day,guides in historic places expect to tip 200 /250rupees if you are the only person,as part of a group drop down to 50rps.Do not go out at night unless in a group,stay in the best hotel you can afford as the cheap ones are prone to theft.Use you sun block wear long clothes not short sleeves/pants,wear cottons carry a sunshade or large brimmed hat. people will be friendly but beware of offers to take you/show you something as they will want money.wear a money belt under your clothes if you need to keep it with you and some cash in you pocket,do not let people see you have hidden money.if staying in a cheap hotel carry a wedge to jam your door at night keep the window closed as people have been known to climb in through the window.Every one you speak to in authority will be after a tip as they see you as a millionaire.Get out and about and see the sights just use common sense,the beer is good keep off the local spirits,most places have a cafe/toilet for tourist only this is were a hire car is usefull. My wife and i travelled for 14 days over Rajastan with a driver who could not speak English or read a map,but were very safe in his hands but you have to be in charge we tipped him 2000 rupees at the end which was 6 months wages for him but 2 days pay for me. <br />
Hope that helps a bit.