Transcendental Places In My Life

i enjoy visiting places to see how the world works. sitting somewhere at a cafe, watching people as they pass through, or wandering through streets the locals walk are top on my list of travel experiences. every now and then, i've encountered places where i've felt connected, not just with the locale, but with the world and people and spirit more broadly.

here's one of them...

black fort, inismore (ireland): i wasn't alone that day and my two companions were two men i met on the ferry to the island earlier in the day. black fort isn't run over with tourists like dun aengus a few kilometers away. i felt as if i had traveled to the world's edge. the landscape was elemental: earth, stone, water, sky. i sat on the broad flat rocks that made up the cliff's edge, imagining who had piled together the fort's rocks centuries before. i felt calm, free, and alive.



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1 Response Mar 5, 2008

I like to do the same......and would love to go to ireland someday...though can't pinpoint why??