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Are We There Yet?!!!! :)

Journeying to what seems like forever in getting there
From one end of time to the other
Like waiting for an event
And when it arrives, ....
Faster than the speed of light
Oh to be there....
Minutes seem like hours
Hours seem like days
Yet a week ago
Seems like forever ago
and at the same time like yesterday
To be in paradise
All is cozy
All is warm
The right place to be
At the right time
I ask you this...
"Are we there yet?"
Love to Travel Anywhere....Any Time
With you! :)

SmartSweet1 SmartSweet1 51-55, F 3 Responses Nov 9, 2011

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I like to visit exotic places. Tropical with clear water and abundant sea life top the list. But the traveling part has gotten tedious with all the security measures and poor service. But I still go:-)

Have you been to the Great Barrier Reef? That's one place on my bucket list. It sounds most awesome! :)

No I have not. I would like to take a live-a-board dive boat to the Coral Sea. I seem to gravitate to the really out of the way places. Sipadan, Wakatobi, Mantangi.

:) You are welcome :)

I love travelling too. Nice. Thanks for posting! :))