Places to Visit - Places to Avoid ...

From my own personal experiences of course.
England is cold and damp though certainly historic. The nices area I know of is the Southwest - the English Riveria - palm trees included (really).

Now take Alaska - the Last Great Frontier. Amazing but sadly, most of the area is inaccessible. If you have the spirit of adventure, that's the place to go. The cities and towns - Juneau is somewhat like most small cities except with a hugh bear population. Was only there 1 day and bumped into a bear cub shaking an apple tree. Kethican is quaint and steeped in history. Skagway is a gem - nice town and has an old train for tourist which actually takes the same route that the Gold Rushers did back in the 1800's - all the way to Dawson (though the train only crossed into Canada and then re-routes itself).

Mexico - did not like Costa Maya (though the Mayan ruins were interesting). The sellers were too "pushy". Cozumel was nicer, less "pushy" sellers and from there, one can go to the major Mayan site in Mexico.

Belize (formerly British honduras) is an interesting South American country. Off to its north and east is the Cayman Islands - nice !!!. Take the glass-bottom boat - it goes over 2 old ship wrecks.

The Dominican Republic - what can I say - loved it !!!

Cuba is okay as well but if you're American, you need special permission from your own country to go there. Havana must have been a stunning city once but has deteriorated - still worth a visit, as is the World Heritage site - the town of Trinidad.

New York City - if you suffer from paranoia - not the place to go. Because of the congestion, there is a constant noise pollution from ambulances, police cars, fire engines, etc. Still, there is lots to do and see there.

Boston is nice but if you're in a car and see the place you want to drive too - good luck... too many paved cow paths. Again though, lots to see and do.

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I'm with you on New York...too many people (most quite rude in my experience) at a time isn't really my scene most of the time. Cambodia is AMAZING if anyone is heading over to Southeast Asia :)

Singapore is a REALLY nice and elegant country! a must to visit!

The only place I have been to that you mentioned is NY, and I loved it there! I plan to try and go back whenever I can. I love to travel, and Alaska sounds fine, but I don't really like hiking and camping and being outdoorsy. Which spots of the places named would be the best for me?

Nope ..too far to walk from Eastern Canada (smile). Though that is one of the states that I would like to visit. Tell us a bit about it.

Ever been to New Mexico?