6 Great Canadian Cities

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Going from east to west:


Beautiful city with lots of trees (even after hurricane Juan). Lots of bars, good live theatre, great restaurants and beautiful skyline. Not too big, about 350,000 people. Has 3rd deepest harbour in the world.

Quebec City:

If you love history and old historic sites, Old Quebec City is unrivalled. Better be able to speak French or at least make an effort; otherwise you might get shunned.


Very Cosmopolitan. Great restaurants, ***** clubs - a little fast paced but not as bad as Toronto. Inability to speak French is not a major problem here - most residents are bilingual.

Kingston, Ontario:

Wonderful architecture, friendly people. Take the free ferry over to the US.


Unbelievably Beautiful. Wonderful Zoo. Great places to shop and you can even stay out of the Canadian cold as much of the inner city is connect through pedways over the streets


Big City, lots of ethic groups, Gastown is a must to see there’s an attraction there that recounts the history of the city through live theatre (I forget the name of it at the moment, think it might be called Storium). Also, don’t forget Stanley Park and Granville Island (a huge farmer market style shopping area).

My most preferred - Halifax …cos I live there (smile)

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Mar 3, 2007