Buying Trinkets and Trash In the Dominican Republic

I call this my Vacation Tip # 2 for the Dominican Republic. When you encounter vendors on the beach selling their handcrafts and wares, don’t pay the first price they ask for. They are like the Mexicanos though not as bad. You can always beat them down. An example is the wooden carved Buddha that I bought. The seller started out asking for $75.00 US. In the end, I got it for $20.00 US, a much fairer price. So be ready to bargain - don’t pay a ridiculous price but do pay a fair one.
So you can’t find tip # 1 for the Dominican Republic - that’s the tip about one of the finest resorts - where the food, accommodations and people are great. That’s because it is not posted here. To get vacation tip # 1, you have to leave a comment here or at least e-mail me. Once you do that, I’ll be glad to tell you.

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1 Response Mar 3, 2007

I couldn't agree more. Always, always negotiate. Also worth saying you should never pay more then 1 peso for a coconut on the beach... They are everywhere and all you need to get one for yourself is climb up and get one. If you don't want to make the climb you can buy 1 from a local for a peso. A dominican tried to charge me 500 pesos for a coconut. Needless to say he only recieved 1 peso. I am going to guess the finest resort is Bavaro. Let me know if I am right or if you have found a better resort. Happy Travels!