Dubai -21 March 2012

Ten years absence can make a change in the appearance of a place, but in the case of Dubai, it can make almost unrecognisable. This week I returned to Dubai after a long absence and was amazed by the extent of development especially around the Marina area.

The appearance has changed with so many high rise accommodation buildings and a vibrant streetscape of outdoor cafes but so has the fabric with the different profile now with Russian speakers from the FSU (former Soviet Union) in many retail and hospitality positions.

It has been a joy to see old friends and gratifying to enjoy such a warm welcome from so many former colleagues from all over the world tonight.

A charity fund raiser provided the opportunity to reunite and reminisce. An auction for the benefit of a deserving charity provided the chance to take home two silver oil lamps while leaving some under privileged children with better prospects in life.; and so to bed happier and more fulfilled for the experience.

It has been wonderful to visit but with all the changes, I can't help but feel I was fortunate to live here when I did and that it is no longer a place for me in the future.

Duchessforthright Duchessforthright
Mar 21, 2012