Nothing Better

Even though i hate flying i love traveling to new places!

All my childhood i longed to be able to leave this rainy cold country and explore the hundreds of different places, with different traditions, cultures, history, people!!

When i was 13 my school did a 4 day trip to Disneyland in Paris!! Everyone was excited about seeing Mickey, Going on fast rides!! i was the only one who couldn't wait to be in a foreign country! I couldn't sleep at all through the whole journey as everything amazed me! I didn't want to miss anything!!

Later that year my friend took me to Tenerife so it was my first time on a plane and that was an experience and half but i loved every minute of being there as it was so different! i loved it!

My dad took me to Malta and i encouraged him to book all the tourist trips! i didn't want to sit on the beach all day i wanted to go looking at the island and finding out its history! So we went on a day trip through Malta via bus! Boat trip around Malta and then  a trip around Gozo!!!

As i never really went abroad while during my childhood I'm making up for it now!!!

But don't get me wrong i still do love traveling through England! Especially with family and friends!
In 2004 me and 8 other family members drove down to Cornwall and it was so much fun as we had to keep swapping cars, reading maps, getting AA to come and fix car!!!

I'm also excited about traveling down to the location of my parachute jump!! If i never have been there the excitement starts!!!
sazead sazead
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1 Response Mar 26, 2007

Your excitement about traveling really makes me smile. I understand how you feel, and am surprised more people don't feel this way about traveling. The excitement of discovering new places and the different feel of the air and buzz of the world are what I love the most!