New York Quickie

In the city that never sleeps for a quick business event over the weekend, which is always an invitation to also have fun.  There's no better way than walking to enjoy the energy, texture, people, sights, smells, sounds of New York.  Picking a destination and being willing (no...encouraging oneself) to meander is the best way to enjoy New York.

New Pics:

Central Park along 59th Street:

Riverside Park about 107th:

Hudson River, kinda cloudy and cool day:

Here are a few images taken on my wanderings from Midtown to the World Trade Center site:

Gramercy Park beauties

Union Square farmer's market

Mercer Street in SoHo

New World Trade Center under construction just becaamse the tallest building in NYC, with more stories to go - the site's history makes it still a very moving place, with St Paul's Chapel in the foreground, which was somehow spared from the     collapse, although showered with papers and debris.  It becamse a refuge for rescuers.

The return walks included a concert in Washington Square for "bucket money"

Very cool architecture at NYU - the leafy patterns were laser cut into stone panels

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6 Responses May 6, 2012

Oh, such beautiful photos. I've always wanted to visit...

Thanks so much for the story AND the pictures - captures the essence and the "vibe" of the city well!

I love New York will always be "home" to me.

Great pictures Kathryn! Aw ... the Gramercy Park Hotel ... such memories!

Nice photos!

I'll be spending one week in NYC this August before flying back to Europe. Maybe I'll recognize some of the sites you've posted :)