I've Been Known To Be Impulsive

Dropping everything to fly to India in a weeks notice. . . Buying a flight to NYC because it was an awesome deal the night before. I love traveling. I love new places and people and food and cultures. Mostly I love the feeling of exploration and adventure. Thankfully I'm of the mindset that people are essentially good so when I've lost my wallet is has come back with all my credit cards and ID or when I had to sleep in a park no one harmed me. Mmmm. . . people are good, the sun is shining and there's always an adventure to be had.
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Good to know that you are flying to India. Its a nice place - Just enjoy. ( there are good's and bad's everywhere., no point comparing )<br />
Nice weather - at least in the South India. Most of them English, and friendly people.<br />
If you enjoy beaches - go travel from Goa - downsouth - Travel - NO reservations.<br />
If you enjoy tranquiity/forests - Try the National forests, some good ones in S/India. <br />
You will find nice historic places also.<br />
Enjoy, and have a safe trip (in and out )