Negative Energy Just Have To Share To Get Rid Of

I hate talking about my problems or uneasiness in public, but all of us need actually to do so. this is a fact: we need to share our grief . but it's very much painful when one can't find people who are supposed to be his friends when he needs them. or when he has to publish whatever he feels on facebook for example to make people care. 
I'm so happy to share now what I feel with people I don't know . 
I don't have much to say but a negative energy I want to get rid of. 
I'm depressed, discontented, hurt, and feel lonely 
unsatisfied neither from my own self nor those who are around me.
Let's start from reasons of dissatisfaction : 
First of all, it's about that guy I knew since a while , we worked together in some activity, enjoyed each other accompany, and let me talk about myself: he was the first one in a very long time, after my close friend, to understand me , furthermore : to read me , as I'm able to read him. 
I felt so much happy and secured and enjoyed being and working together.
but he withdrew all this at once. 
Although he says that we are friends, and we agreed to be so and considered that we are going forward in our relationship as "friends" but what happen actually is the contrary. 
He lies in a very small details, he withdrew emotional feelings or energy I used to feel coming within him. He restrains certain thoughts and feelings and not frank to me and this makes me mad and feel unsecured and started to hate being with him. 

the second thing is that the eternal idea of waiting for "Mr.Right" who never appears. 
and ironically, whenever I pray to God to meet him, strange people appear around me proposing their affection , strange people from other far far away planets than mine. It's ok God to kid with me sometimes, but when the joke repeats itself , it becomes very much painful by the way. I know You don't want to hurt me, but I am not able to understand no more. 

all other reasons for dissatisfaction are going to diminish with time: work, instability in our country , money-shortage.. etc
All these are important factors, but not the ones that affect me the most. 

shaghaf shaghaf
26-30, F
May 22, 2012