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I like to travel!  I have been to lots of great places, but want to explore more.  Some of my favorite places:  East Africa, Alaska, Guatemala, Belize, Peru, China (lots of places but lots more to go to).

Unfortunately I have too much stuff going responsibilities, job, etc. etc.

How can I feed my travel bug with all the stuff of life happening!?  That is why I am a frustrated adventurer.
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I am going to try to be like you! No more restrictions, no more standing still it's time to do something Im gonna go to vegas for my birthday. Thanks

The older you get the more difficult it becomes...or so you would think!
Save your vacation time, work hard at work to be recognized as someone of value, talk it over with your family for months in advance, plan, plan, plan and then when your boss gives you the go ahead for a week or so off, you will be ready and you can hit the airport.

By the way awesome list of destinations my man. If you have any interest in Europe, Austria I hear is a great on and having been to kauai, Hawaii i can say that's an awesome island to visit with the family.

Find the adventure next door

you just really have to balance your time for leisure and time for family more :) It would be fun if you bring them with you when you travel but it would be costly :P

me too I want to travel to many areas around the world, but never before I visit all the beautiful places we have in my country.

me too but my parents still think I'm a child and I hate it cause they worry too much

Travel has always been very exhilarating. I want to use my passport to the max and visit Australia, Scotland ( where my ancestors came from) Edinborough to be exact; England, Italy, Rio and a few more international destintaions. In between spend time exploring Alaska by land and through the inside passages, and many, many national parks. Also enjoy very much the mystique of old fashioned things from the past that remain, like lighthouses, wind mills, covered bridges; that's what gets me thoroughly excited and entertained! Time for a road trip!!!

First I'm going to say thanks for visiting Peru and second you can have your adventures and stuff with your family. If work is a problem, take a few days of. You don't have to go to another country to have your big adventure, go somewhere closer to you.

Start cleaning out your clutter and you will be surprised.

I just feel the same as you! I have been to some of the countries,but i want to explore more. So much work and responsibilties to me!

It depends on what kinda job you doing!<br />
You can make a plan with a budget!

I understand you. I wish to spend my life traveling too. Thats why I decided to never engage in such responsibilities. I wanna be free 4ever, living the way I want without regrets!

I listen to travel podcast or travel books from around the world to satisfy this desire. it seems to help!

Don,t worry about it getting yourself all torn.Just let life go the way it is set for u.But great story,I love it.

depending on where you live i find it fun and adventurous to explore the surrounding areas as day trips.