Let's Go Togother :)

I love to travel, I have a thirst for new life and experiences. I became passionate about travel when I was 18 and my eyes were opened to a new part of the world when I traveled to Cali Colombia to meet and vacation with a guy who lived there that I'd been dating for a few months. Although it was only a small little piece of the universe it was new never the less and I was madly in love, in short, I was hooked. I'd experienced new culture, people, food, music, I'd experienced a whole different way of life and I loved it! After only one of the ten nights I was to visit I quickly learned that of all the places I'd been so far, nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody parties like the Colombians! My aunt(she went with)and I had a blast drinking, dancing, eating, laughing, exploring, and having all kinds of pure, unadulterated fun!

Since that trip I have partied under the Mexican sun, toked lush green herb deep in the heart of the Jamaican jungle, sipped ice cold thirst-quenching drinks on the beautiful sandy beaches of south Florida, and danced the the night away amidst the mountains of California. I've only just begun, I'd like to see and do as much as possible by te time it's all said and done, I believe life is everywhere you look, but no two places are alike and that quite frankly is mysteriously beautiful

Where are you guys going next?
much love,

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2 Responses Jun 21, 2012

I'm feeling very inspired by places like spain, ibizia in particular :)

Where do you want to go next? let's see I have recently been to Egypt, Italy, Turkey, Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC. They were all nice.

Really, very cool! What was Egypt like?

I'm dying to go to Turkey! Cappadocia looks beautiful!