Just Bought My Ticket :)

It's official, passport, tickets, accommodations...Spain on July 13! I can't wait! I'm going by myself, which has always been my favorite way to travel, meeting a friend or three, probably throwing in a sailing trip off Majorca. Two weeks will be the longest vacation I've had in probably 15 years.
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Iv never been to the French Riviera,--Simplygirl ---Must try to get there some day.Bit pricy though, i would imagine

I was luckly enough to go to Spain on business a few weeks ago. I was in the north by the Pyrenees and was also able to go to France on the same trip. You'll love it.

Hi ,simply girl--- I am English,My wife is Ausralian ,Guess what ? We met in Spain so it is a country with a special meaning for me I tell friends and aquaintances that it was the most expensive holiday i have ever had --L O L, I love art ancient architecture and generally the latin culture and warm sunshine, so,for me ,apart from bella Italia Spain is second for me in Europe A wonderful country Especially in the south,We have tht wanderlust too and we did the great American crossing What a great country you have and better than i expected,Saving for another tripor cruise.The wife has friend in Vancouver so may do a trip to there and up the inner passage Must win the lotto,Though, All the best--- Bon Voyage Paulapetal14

That's awesome! Heard you had a pretty good time?

the best, Ambrose. This was the most wonderful trip I've had in a very long time.

As the father of four children, I can totally relate, SG!

Did your trip go well?? You are so brave to go by yourself :) Hope you had fun. It sounds marvalous !

Oh, it was amazing, for sure. I know I have a travel bug, and my list of places to see is ever growing. I'd love to go back to Biarritz, France!

Sweet, sounds great and you sound excited. The feeling of "pulling the trigger" on major travel plans is like an ****** of sorts, a release. I'm going to Amsterdam for my birthday which is in February and I'm psyched...I love to travel and Spain is certainly on my list!

I'm so happy for you! <br />
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I've been itching to travel again since I last left the country (Spain and Morocco- we match with Spain!)- I hope you have a blast- travel safe!

I recently did that in early May to Europe and it was amazing! I really enjoyed myself and met new friends. I realized that traveling alone was the way to go bc many of my friends aren't as independent in thinking as I thought they were. Any how please be safe and def enjoy your trip! I'm so happy for you! Going to Costa Rica alone in Sept and can't wait!! :)

I was I were going to Spain with you. I need a vacation to somewhere new and exciting.

15 yrs!wow ok you deserve a vacation more than anyone I know.I hope you enjoy yourself so much that you take more vacations.I have been to Spain and enjoyed my time there.Have fun take pics and share a travel story please.

I will have photos and stories, but probably not until August when I'm back. I'd say I "deserve" a vacation, of I didn't like my life as much as I do, lol. Post your Spain stories for me, will you?

I will share a story with you about my time in Barcelona and the train ride from Rome to Barcelona.Which city are you mainly visiting?Or which city will be your base?

It will be fun, with a lot of beach relaxing! I'm going to be ba<x>sed with one friend that lives in Penon de Ifach, and I have never been there yet :)

Congrats, have fun!

Thank you!!!