I Iove To Travel Anywhere Any Time

i have always loved to just getin the car and go long as i have the money i will go anywhere that hits me and enjoy it its the unknown that is so geat for me not knowing who you may meet as well i will be doing this again soon . love it . vinny
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We do that too. We have a van and we can camp anywhere in it. Road trips all over USA. Want to do more, but work etc. Also we would like to go to England and Scotland someday and camp around there if possible and would like to visit Brittany, but we don't know French :(

that is wonderful i have driven to ct to california from ct to montana back from ct to california and from ct to washington , its a lot of fun

All the way to Cali from Conn? Wow! That is a trip for when we retire:) We want more time. We have driven Wisconsin to Florida, N. Carolina, Virginia but we never have enough time. Always in a rush and then we need a vacation to recover from the vacation!

i understand me too never have the time to enjoy it all vinny

Anyone traveling to NY end of next month. I m going on my own for the 1st time & would love the company.

good drive

yes it is honey but enjoyed it lol


my email is Vinni-83 @yahoo.com but been having trouble with it lol

send me ur email I have a poem want you to read

I'm in Montreal, Canada. I have two digital cameras and train/bus fare. I'm going to do a little exploring in the morning. Montreal/Quebec may not be Paris, but it'll do.

sounds great have a wonderful time vinny

I have always wanted to see Montreal! It sounds so wonderful. Hope you had fun :)

I love traveling. Ive been from San Bernadino to Boston driving more than once.
Have you ever been to Mexico? I have been to Rocky Point twice.

no i haven,t but like you i love to get in the car and go

thats adventure :)

i like it thankyou vinny

me too!! I get the itch in my bones. Its a great feeling of freedom and peace, for me anyway! do you have any fav driving songs?

a lot i put the cd,s on and away i go

me too,I hate driving alone so I fly mainly.Im thinking of going to L:A or Florida,which one is best?

they are both nice i once lived in California i have never been to florida i plan on visiting Florida its about 4 hours away vinny

Some of hubs and I's BEST trips have been just, packing a bag, climbing in the car and driving!! Awesome times!! :)


Gotta love a good road trip. What's the farthest you've gone?

i drove cross country twice i drove from Connecticut to the state of Washingtoni love driving its what i did for a living