The Places I Want To Travel

There is alot of places I would love to go, there are three in paticular I would love to visit. I love nature in all ways earth wind the beauty of nature. I am into the enviorment issues, so poulition is a big part of wanting others to take care of our air. Al Gore has the right beliefs. The reason I would love to go travel, is to soul search just like Julia Roberts did in eat, love, and pray.

My first visit would be to Italy, I want to eat their spaghetti and pizza only with a bunch of lactose pills (lol). I want to go visit their vineyards and see the beauty of nature. I want to watch them make the wine and taste their wine. To embellish in the beauty of nature te rolling hills, land everywhere.

The breath taking beauty of archetiture of the churches, and reaching into your soul and understand faith. This would be the first step into leting me be myself. My second visit would be to England, wo what can I say about this country. The first ting I would visit is old castles.The Queen of England visit Princess Dianas grave. The third place is India because they have a pool of sauna like waterfalls and so many fun and exciting things to do. The beauty of nature and wild animals. The Himilayias, the soul searching into yourself and letting yourself be free.

donnawalker donnawalker
46-50, F
Sep 11, 2012