My All Time Favorite

I've visited France, Switzerland, Lebanon , Egypt , Dubai in UAE and seen Florida in the states..
But of all these places , nothing compares to the beauty in Spain .. Marbella and Barcelona are places that must be seen .. So relaxing ... The weather is beautiful, what with the mountains and beach mixing being seen together .. It's breathtaking !
I really do love it the most. If I could live there , I'd move my whole life to Spain.
The people are so friendly.. I'm just in love with it.
I hope everyone gets the chance to see it.
Definetely a sight to see ..
Halez7 Halez7
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 12, 2012

You make it sound great. We were starting to plan a trip to Spain and Portugal, when my wife lost her job. It is still on our list of places to go. Need to save some more money.

I'm sure you'll absolutely love it when you see it! Hope you'll tell me all about it when you're back .
I guess you don't have to save up too much money , what with the collapse that's happening in Europe already..
Wish you the best of luck !