I love going to Europe!It gives me beautiful memories..I had lots of wonderful experience there,live there,for 2 years....I often go there and visit every year,if i could,i love crossing the red bridge...sitting ,looking at all the water's and the ships passing by...There is something about that place,not sure,i just love.When there i walk for hours,even when i have flat feet,and it hurts like hell :) I also love Paris i vist there to,i got lost,never think i will find my way out :) but i did,the church,the sits u see,it's such a difference life,culture,which in my heart i will always love....London is nice,even Germany,very clean,i must say,but Holland,remains the place i love so dearly love...the smiles i get,and the love i ones share....it was all in the place called Holland..
zanbell zanbell
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

it seems you have visited so many places :)

Yes,love to travel :) tu

Sounds very fun !