Happy Trials To You... (oops! How 'bout Happy Trails...)

My family doesn't claim the gypsy blood running in my veins. Since I was a small child, I've always been ready to go, anywhere, anytime. We traveled each summer, car trips to various states where my mom had a conference. I loved discovering the diversity that's the United States and have since traversed the country by vehicle more times than I can count.
Put me on the highway without a map, days of good tunes, a cooler, some hand-held shaker thingies to jam with and I'm there! One of my favorite things  is knowing I have five or six days on the road to relax, cruise, stop when and where I want... I love driving at night. More when I was younger. The truckers are much tamer now; not the same "truckers" that were trucking in the 70's, 80's. With GPS and tightened regulations most of the semis drive the speed limit, makes it easier on those of us in smaller vehicles.
Driving across the desert at night is a joy! Arizona, NM, Nevada, Utah, CA... so big, the sky, the space... Texas is a great night drive too so long as you have a good radar detector for the small towns along the secondary highways. Don't much care to drive in the NE or on I-95 along the east coast. Too much traffic, too many dumb drivers...
Enough already! I love international travel too, new adventure. Exploring other cultures. Meeting people. Sharing experiences. Moving on...
   Happy Trails!
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

I had "itchy" feet too. You bring back memories of my younger days, travelling around, driving in the outback at night, driving lights blazing turning night into day. OK I maybe in a different country, but having visited the US there <i>are</i> similarities.