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I have a need to wander. I drive around town just to see stuff I've never seen before. When I'm in California, I drive all over the place and get lost and have fun. I could have flown to colorado but instead I drove and had a f├╣cking blast. If i was rich, my passport would have a shitload of visas in it.
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

It can be done. Met another old dog in a Tahitian b&b, he was showing me his passport and the checkoff list of countries and regions he's working on -- 105 so far. He's a truck driver, does the long hauls, saves the skin off every dime (his words), watches for discount airfares and gets back to working his list as fast as he can. Even lonelier that I was, but it was an impressive list; he was just in front the Easter Islands, headed for Panama.

I been to Panama! My mother is Panamanian

I hope to visit Panama soon, as well!

It's so lovely and the people are kind, except they can't drive worth a damn Haha! The fruit is EXQUISITE and the beaches are to die for.